evo 2012 link?


hi guys, i don’t know if this is allowed on here but, i’m a fan of watching a tournament the whole way through and i really dont want to look on youtube through them all because the first result is ‘grand finals’ googles first result to a search is ‘grand finals’ i know even watching it on a site that has it (if possible) i will have to shield my eyes and jump to the last pages or scim read to see ‘RO8’ or something so i know roughly where the first game is. Such a big fan of street fighter 4, mvc3 and street fighter x tekken. just dont want to spoil my lovely kayo police results , shes my favourite :), feel kinda greedy having this as my first post but i’m always on this website so thought i should at least make an account and join in on the forums, Thx. x Don’t want anything past first fight otherwise it’s just instantly spoilt.