Evo 2012 needs to change

First of all let’s go with the facts even the higher ups can’t argue with-
The mainstream Capcom games bring in a lot of people.
This year we had China Fighter 4 and Marvel vs Random 3 and they still brought in huge numbers.
Next year not only we’ll have a more balanced version of SF4 and a less silly version of MVC3 but also a 3rd huge game in the form of SFxT.
Just because of the big 3 an event in the size and format of 2011 won’t be enough.

But that’s not all of it- The genre is booming.
While the Tekken community will be in a coma until TTT2 hits console, they’ll have SC5 (assuming it won’t suck) as the in-between game (a tradition since the days of T4)
MK9 will stay strong. BBCS is getting yet another new version. KOF13 May or may not do well but it’s there.
And even SkullGirls and Melty Blood, as niche as they may seem, could make it big enough if just for the solid online play. (Shitty matchmaking aside, judging from my experience with 3OE, GGPO on console is indeed THAT good.)

But you already know all that so what’s the point of this thread?

If you count all the above you get 9 different games! And I think that gone are the days of communities fighting for a spot. That’s backwards thinking and unhealthy for the FGC as a whole.
What we need to do is to push for a much bigger, longer event with enough room for everyone.

Either that or tell everyone else to f*ck off and go full “Mainstream-Capcom” which is kinda the direction EVO was slowly getting at since 09, but like I said it will eventually hurt the FGC in the long run.

I know EVO2011 was using new formats and ways to organize everything better so I hope they’ll be open to take the whole show into a new direction completely.
So can we please do whatever it takes to have EVO2012 with a lineup of 9 games?

I don’t think you realize how much time and preparation goes into EVO. Running 5 games is a headache as is, I’m sure. Running any more than that is just dumb.
Plus it’s a lot more than just picking a game. They have to make the event appealing to new and old and profitable.

*AE, SFxT and UMvC3 will be there, no doubt.
*MK might make a return.
*A LOT of people are backing SkullGirls. Not just the people who play animu and poverty fighters. People absolutely want this game to get it’s shine at EVO and other events. And I hope it happens.
*VF5 Final Showdown got announced for consoles this summer. The VF scene has died off in the US but it was because there were no upgrade ports to the states. Now that there is, they will come back in full force and want a spot.
*SC5 is whatever.
*KOF is lol. A lot of people are hype but I’m really not seeing it. It looks like every other KOF. Bad.
*No one knows when the BlazBlu expansion will come out. Or if people will even receive it well. Finals this year were boring as hell.
*Melty won’t be back.

I didn’t mention 3SOE because EVO staff has already said it won’t be in the line up in '12.

This thread isn’t to discuss what you think about each game nor its chances to have a big scene. The issue here is that EVO needs a new format because the parts of the community it “abandons” gets bigger and bigger with each passing year.
And the event itself is getting bigger whether you want it or not.

So it can really go both ways- The bad way (“we got no time for other games sorry. Next year lineup of the big 3 and that’s it byeeeee”) or the good way, which is what my thread is about.


‘The only game a god tier didn’t win as boring as hell’ means you probably don’t know the slightest bit about the game. Combined with the KoF comment I’m not sure you’d be happy with anything, really.

I’ve talked about the Evo roster size and potential size problems the tournament as a whole faces in the Evo sub-forum, but without anyone being privvy to the actual numbers, its hard for people on the forum to discuss things like this. There’s also the problem of a lot of the people who would put time into the community are already putting in their all, and so if no one else stands up to help, then it won’t be possible to run a bigger Evo. Even then, it’d still probably need more investment from Capcom and Namco, so I just don’t think its realistic to consider a roster beyond 6 when combined with the fact that ballrooms in Vegas are of a finite size.

So…the threads that have small communities but are really adamant about their game…
Like…Blazblu, VF, Melty Blood, Guilty Gear…etc?

Which have all been at EVO.

The only “major” series that hasn’t been at EVO is KOF and I don’t see that ever happening.

I actually play Blazblu and enjoy playing it. I just thought finals were boring. I don’t really care if a low tier won. It was boring to me.
And anyone who has been here before 08 (Which you clearly haven’t) knows SRK doesn’t like SNK games for the most part.

KOFXII will be like every other KOF game that has came out. SRK will be hype about it for a month. Break it. Realize it’s just another mediocre/shitty SNK title and move on.

Get over it.

no way evo can realistically handle 9 separate games lol
if you want representation for other games the various majors are your best bet

4 days is the only way I see this happening

Otherwise get ready for
Sf4 2012

Side games
Skull girls.

Evo could go to 4 days easy.

What I think definitely gets in due to sponsoring:
Apology Edition

  • these games will get in no matter how good or bad they are.

I think there’s room for 3 more games

3SO- won’t have the fanbase. Nostalgia will die out, and folks will move to other games
Tekken- they’ll be waiting for Tag 2. They’ll be ok with being skipped. Also finals were dull this year.

Blazblue- depends on whether their new revision is out, and how strong the community stays.

KOF- If enough celebrity US players get into this and like this (Juicebox, Arturo, etc)- it could get in if it gets a legitimate scene.
That said, the Evo heads traditionally hate SNK games, so that may play a factor. It sucks, but I really think the “big dogs” of the US scene determines whether it gets in or not.

Melty- if Arcana doesn’t make it, Melty won’t, the game won’t be out.

MK- it has a shot, but I suspect its hype/numbers will die out competitively slowly. I can’t see NRS show the game love for another year.

Skullgirls has a chance, but I think it’s a slim one. I’ll be pulling for Skullgirls if it doesn’t cost KOF a spot.

VF5FS- game won’t be out in time. I think we see either one hell of a hype side tournament though, and the American VF scene trying to score Fuudo some hookers and blow for winning Evo and maybe getting VF into the US.

Really though, EVO is starting to become a bit like SBO , in that sponsorships determine what gets in more then game quality. I’m not surprised by this. I do think there will be 2-3 open slots though.

My prediction: Blazblue, KOF as games 5/6, Skullgirls as game 7. There’s a chance KOF gets a Vince McCannon screwjob though.

We can’t stop here.

This is Capcom Country.


its stated to be released on winter for ps3, 360 and vita, and everyone is expecting it, unlike ae, the revisions on BB are always welcome by the players

talk for yourself bro

Okay, then you’re a huge outlier, and that’s really weird but there’s not much that can be done about it.

But I’m fully aware that KoF isn’t that popular in these parts. I’m not that big of a fan of it, either, personally. But if its big (and not big JUST on here, otherwise we’d never have had Tekken at Evo), then Mr Wizard and pals will consider it. I’m glad you’re letting your personal opinion of games get in the way of things, though. Nice to see the little join date stab as well.

Also, If Mexico And Japan comes out. KOF will have a great amount of entrants. As for the US not so much.

And for those who dont know, In Mexico Its all About KOF. They love and play the game more then SF, for years. Hopefully they make it out to build numbers for KOF entrants, just pray US can get into it too.

I think it’s time to EVO to have a KOF in the lineup. WC has been showing support to the game (shoutouts to Southtown Arcade) and I hope this will only improve after October. KOF would also bring a bigger amount of International players to the event too.

Skullgirls should be a no brainer, so far right now it’s the smartest competitive fighting game on the scene. The community needs a game like SG at Evo.

Apology Edition, UMVC3, SFxTK, SCV, KOFXIII and SG would be the ideal lineup for 2k12. Making 6 games total, which I still believe it can be played out in 3 days.

4 days would work perfect i think. You can have finals for “B-tier games” (in terms of popularity) on saturday, and then the mainstream on sunday. i think that would work for TOs and stream watchers alike.

and why do you leave BB out of the lineup :confused:

never taught it would be a main game at evo ?
was sc4 main ?:eek:

SF4 (get dat munnee)
Arcana Heart 3
SFxT (moar ca$hez)
KOF (if not 13, 2K2UM)



The bolded part is that VF5 FS may not be there because it will be released too close to Evo.

I think we should stick to the biggest 3 gaming events. Extending the time frame of this event would put a greater strain on everyone who runs this event plus the participants don’t all have the money to stay at a hotel like that for so long.