Evo 2012 Registration Status Page


You can check your Evo registration status at the following link:



I have no Evo 2012 Banner underneath my picture yet I registered. Help :frowning:


email me with your registration email address and full name to mrwizard@shoryuken.com


Thanks! :smiley:



This will be my first time attending and just booked my flight and hotel. But I just wanted to make sure the we will be playing on PS3 sytem and any controller can be used? Please advise. Thanks.


If it’s like last year, I think dualshock will be banned because how there is no easy way to disconnect the dualshock from the PS3.


Cool thanks, I will be using the Hori Fight Commander 3 which should be fine.


Okay, it’s my first ever EVO and I’m young, 16, and stupid :<.

I’m paid for right? Because I signed-up with my account, but my parents paid for it with their paypal account (of course a different email). And because I have the mark under me, I’m paid for, right? :D.

I have the confirmation receipt and it shows up, but I just want to confirm that I’m paid for haha.


Yes. You have the banner under your name so that means your registered and good to go.


Since this will be my first EVO, hopefully someone can answer some questions.

First question: I’m trying to figure out what’s the deal with the “save $20” thing. I want to enter KOF (for the shirt, of course) and the SFxT 2v2. So my total will be $80 ($50 Entry Fee, $10 KOF, $20 SFxT). How does this “save $20” thing work exactly?

Second question: In regards to the SFxT 2v2, do both teammates need to pay the $20 separately? Or does only one member of the team needs to pay the $20? Thanks all in advance and hope to meet some of you all there.

  1. After May 1st…Entry Fee will be $70. You save $20 if you register for Evo before then.
  2. The $20 covers both members.


Ok, thanks for that information.


So there’s nothing on the registration page saying anything about late fees. Did this change recently??


i was curious why they ask for your shirt size. do you get a free shirt or something? lol


Yeah…you do.
Also…Atlus is giving shirts to those who sign up for KOF13.


is there a schedule for what events are happening on what days? Cause I can’t make it on Friday, so don’t really want to register for whatever’s on that day


Quick question regarding sfxt registration…

If my friend signed himself up, and I’m going to be on his team, is there any confirmation saying that I’m on his team, or should there be a way to confirm that when I register?? Just to confirm that both people of a team are in the bracket.


I am not sure if I completed my registration yet. I have the receipt email from paypal but I do not see the EVO banner under my Avatar pic. What am I missing that I should do?


Is there a way to add games to my registration? change of heart and I do want to enter AE as well, but only signed up for KOF/UMVC3


I saw my banner right away but paid with visa. Maybe after your paypal process completes the banner will pop up.