Evo 2012 shoutouts


This year probably was the best yet…show some props.

So many people I met along the way, and so many great matches I was able to see.

Looking forward to next year…but now unconsciousness.

CvS2 bay areaaaaaa
3s at EVO 2012?

Shoutouts to Evo Staff, first and foremost. You guys did a great job!

Shoutouts to the GD folk I met.

Shoutouts to that X23 cosplayer in the main hall

Shoutouts to Chrisis for destroying me in marvel


Shoutouts to the cosplayers, especially the Yuri cosplayer who was willing to hold that pose while I took the battery out of my phone to hard reboot it after it froze up just before taking the picture.

Shoutouts to Honzo, Crispy, AvariceX and several other SRK folks for letting me hang with 'em.

Shoutouts to Laban for teaching me more about KOF in a couple of matches than I’ve learned my entire rest of the time with the game.

Shoutouts to KOFXIII Grand Finals for showing me that even a God can bleed.


Shout outs to the EVO Staff of course.

Shout outs to the Las Vegas FGC, for treating me like one of their own. Hellfromabove, Fernando, everyone else. (if I didn’t name you…it’s honestly because I probably forgot your name, I’m terrible with names! But, Fernando’s friend who plays EX Kyo, Kim, and Terry IIRC and was blowing me up, mad props to you too man.)

Shout out to James Chen for his reaction when I told him that I flew in from Okinawa. That shit had me rollin’ inside.

Shout outs to the Texas crew, for inviting me to join them for a delicious Denny’s meal.

I came alone, since my friends couldn’t join me for one reason or another. But I ever rarely felt lonely.


Shout outs to everyone who helped put the event together. You did an amazing job this year I can hardly wait for next.

Shout outs to the guy I talked to who upon seeing james chen walking to his pool said “I gotta go see james rage about cammy”

Shout outs to maximillian and crew for putting on the best panel of the event. Not to mention for his shout out to those of us in the jill valentine thread when he was making assist me.

Shoutouts to all the KoF shirt monsters that didn’t show up to the 8 AM pools.



Pics with:
Tokido, our lord.
Randomly walking around, way better than someone prob will have Rare footage of "loner Daigo lost and on phone."
Chris Hu NYC, Mets fitted + bunny ears though.

Tasty Steve liked my Tiger beads Bling. And probably knows everygame. Forgot to tell him, “pootie tang belt” Iori KOF13, is the best reference.

Played, you know, the games:

CvS2 -
S groove Mike,

  • match vid non stream station cut out 2 characters early on your already basically won, your corner Athena air Super balls, when I’m trying Terry comeback, roll, maybe “Rising Taco” hit her? Chip out situation anyway. Thanks for answering questions mid rounds and after too.

Mr.Warzard, organizing the tourney
Cammy Jon Cannon Spike SRK thru blockstrings sent me to losers apologized for how he played, nah, GG man. Do your thing.
Vegas mop top dreads,
French guy
VDO, Kindevu, Buktooth, Payaso all came thru.
Saw new fit Tyram used to own everyone in the local arcade, only a second. Good shit man.
Guy who learned 1st hand… why CvS2 tourneys take forever!
Rockstar guy with the 2 chinese girls, way bored out of their minds. Didn’t win the contest he asked GD to help with a while ago? Popularity contests, sucks man.
Maryland representative, Nihongo fluent enough to help Kindevu understand and register and have time.
Sanchez (older gentleman) - asking Ed Ma about Yuri playing? yuri? Juri. Yack in the Box. Ed Ma is a Californian? “Nah I just play everybody”

TS Min beastin casuals warmup. Crazy should’ve been double KO, Reppuken vs Todo, Todo invince after roll thru, his RC fireball wall? Sadly no TMNT Tourney BLAARGHMMMGONFighters BYOC? Forgot to say that’s a great game, great character. $killionaire Armgon ending, dollar bills, underwater.

3s lives
Kokujin bridging the gap, learned L & R (AGGRESSIVE DU~DLEY). Breaking xenophobia Japan gaijin-ism, by the day. Great fuckin guy. Joke for later, a play on words + his name.
Umezono Chun put on my sorta ghetto Chun bracelet and posed. Awesome.

Crew, anybody and everybody whether got to play a set or not.
Learning different ways, nonstop, even thru getting broken down immediately, “you can’t hang” vs “Lets see what you got, hold back, let you kill yourself” & nonstop knowledge spread, all questions answered. Fall back on terminology only, learn the setups and see it organically.

Still play to see cool shit happen nonstop, never seen before. There’s always more to see.


Here is a few shoutouts to certain people I met on my first Evolution trip.

Shoutouts to all the Evo staff first of all for making Evo fun for me, it was an awesome experience.

Shoutouts to Mr.Grime and** Bah_Bah_Deh**, both ps3 players ive played against on the PSN and met in person at Evo, That was interesting. Funny thing was that Bah_Bah_Deh was my first opponent in the pools so I knew what I was dealing with. However, my Evo inexperience and nervousness got to me in our match and he killed me. I psyched myself out, lol. Next year I will be prepared.

Shoutout to **Clockwork **in a casuals match. Im not be as good as you in Umvc3, but I almost had you if I hadnt dropped my combo at the last second in one of our matches, lol. Good stuff man.

Shoutout to little Noah in casuals play, I was curious on how good he really was, turned out he was, lol. He beat me first match, then I beat him second match, and in our third match we were both down to our last characters, but he got me with his sentinal with X-factor. Pleasure to play with you little guy, u got my support.

Shoutouts to Daigo for giving me that high five while randomly walking around the hallway, lol. Shoutout to Kayopolice for your play in SFxTekken pools, I watched all your matches in your pool as I was also in the same one. However I not that good in that game.

Shoutouts to all the pros in my UMVC3 pool, Tokido, Fanatiq, and Frutsy. If i had won my match against Bah_Bah_Deh, Frutsy would have been my next opponent. I never would have known what I was up against, lol. Congratulations Frutsy for making such an impact in Umvc3 finals.

and my final Shoutout goes to that Yuri Cosplayer. I saw you around the event many times and had a little crush on you, lol. I wanted to talk and start a conversation but i was just to shy. Oh well, I know I wasnt the only one with that little crush, hahaha. Great costume btw.

Cant wait for next year, im definately going


Shoutouts to everyone who took a few minutes to try out Divekick. Much love!


Shoutouts to all of the people that enjoyed my girlfriend’s Yuri cosplay (Assuming it’s her since I saw no other Yuris) and to all of those that were very polite about asking to take pictures. The shy thing actually makes me laugh, she’s a very approachable and nice person, the shyness is unnecessary.


Shoutouts to SRK and the whole EVO staff for another great EVO.

Shoutouts to marodii dakid, who blew me up first round of UMvC3 and then proceeded to be hype as fuck for me in my losers match.

Shoutouts to the Las Vegas Crew. Sat behind you guys during finals, you guys were awesome.

Shoutouts to that girl with the purple hair and British accent. You were killin me with how cute you were.

Shoutouts to Team Mexico. You guys helped make KOF and UMvC3 finals fun as hell.



[LEFT]Shoutouts to Osamu for inspiring us to not give up on our dreams.[/LEFT]


shoutouts to my wife walking into the girls restroom after mvc finals and seeing yipes in there.

to be fair, the mens room was a disaster by the end of sunday, so i hardly can blame him


Shoutouts to Sevrin who had to play me drunk in Skullgirls. I don’t think I would’ve won regardless.

Super shoutouts to the guy who waited ??? hours because I went off and became even drunker before I even came back to that area. Additional special shoutout to him for indirectly preventing me from playing P4A. Right as I’m a single button press away from starting the game, I’m called for my Skullgirls match. Motherfu–

Shoutouts to one of our Colorado KoFers who made a woman cry when he won Losers Finals in his pool lol.

Shoutouts to that gal being a good player. Shoutouts to the Ibuki and Chun-Li cosplayers that sat with her and cheered her up. My Japanese wasn’t good enough to try (and I’m a jerk).


Lol, thats funny. Tell her she had a cool costume, you can keep the whole crush thing between us, no need to tell her when shes already taken, hahaha.