Evo 2012- vega thread



So which Vega players here are joining this year’s EVO? It would be nice to see all of them and their Evo stories in one thread. And a little support thread for them maybe. How are you practicing, what do you feel? Worries, expectations?

Also which famous Vega players are joining, does anyone know? Makoto, Tatsu, Reiketsu, Jozhear, Brokken_G, Uenis, Araidon?


I’m going. I need another roommate :frowning:


I’m going. Bringing my own stick this time so I don’t play like shit on stream again.


I’m going.


Just kidding. [details=Spoiler]I mean I’m not going. ˇoˇ[details=Spoiler]And I’m not famous as well. X_X[details=Spoiler]But I can use joking sometimes. (^^)[/details][/details][/details]


stay scared Trias… stay scared

… btw obviously with the blue banner across my avatar i’m going


Going. I should probably actually start playing the game now hasn’t touched for like, 3 months Oops.
I’ll be easy to find as usual. Team Vega shirt on the first day with my tag on the back and errrrythang.

If you miss me then, I’m still easy to find. Short-ass girl with purple hair.


I so wish i could see you guys again this year after having had a great time at evo 2010, but i can not go this year either :frowning:
Good luck to all of you that go!!!

I hope a vega makes it high, i have been watching quite a few streams lately , but our favourite matador is almost never played anymore or never makes it too stream.

I will try to make it to canadacup this year instead.


Scared… well if I wasn’t 5000 km away and with chaotic schedule, i could be.

I guess the day I’ll stop doing noob mistakes and have a reachable tournament, there I’ll give it a try. ˇoˇ

Darn-it. 'till now, I’ve always thought that was a bad joke. Now I’m almost as shocked than when I learnt BrokkenG was a guy. X_X


I’m going, we started playing exclusively on PS3, there will be no missed links or kara throws this year. Bought the plane tickets and the room.


Nope. Pretty sure it’s not a bad joke.
The bad joke is that Blaze put his noodle down and that Sasaki and I are going to open our own porn studio for the fuck of it.

For reference. Seriously, if anyone sees me around, holla. I missed a few people last year and was pretty gutted about it.






Is that Rufus


I can’t go. Just didn’t work out for me this year, schedule-wise :(. I will be at ECT and possibly Summer Jam, however.


Ex-fucking-cuse me?


What? Who is that?


Im not sure, but I think he means the gentleman on the left of the picture pai-chan.

You and rufus both have boobies, but i dont think that resemblance made him mistake you for rufus :stuck_out_tongue:


No Francys! I was talking about that guy on the left. Not you.


I’m pissed off because that’s, you know, my other half you’re talking about.



Oh crap really? I’m sorry. I had no idea. In every other picture I’ve seen of him he looks really different. I didn’t mean to offend you :frowning:


This is now the best thread on srk!

Didn’t you mean your other 5/6? Damn its like torrette, I couldn’t resit…