Evo 2012 volunteers/judges, sound off!


This was my 3rd year running pools at Evo (I missed last year due to getting married and all that), and I have to say that it’s getting better every time. The tournament was more organized, the pool size wasn’t insane, and we had better lines of communication with TOs than in years past.

Most notably, I found myself feeling very proud of the hard work we put into making this crazy thing work. I was impressed by the focus and diligence of my fellow volunteers, and I honestly believe that (most of us) did an excellent job.

What do you think? What did we do well? In what ways did we fail? Most importantly, how can we improve the system to keep up with the new challenges a much larger Evo will hand us in the coming years?


It was my first Evo and my pool was run quite smoothly. It started a little late, but that’s no biggie.


My first year and obviously first year judging. My pools ran smooth-ish, but there were quite a few situations that kept popping up and making me run late. I ended up having to drop Marvel to finish my last SFxT pool. I probably could have gotten another judge to cover for me so I could play, but I wanted to finish it out myself and I wouldn’t have been anywhere near top eight anyway haha. It was a pretty awesome experience, though.


Pools run smoothest when everyone shows up. Please show up to your pools if you sign up or at least tell us you only signed up for the shirt.


It sucked having to dq people for now showing up for their pools, but in order to keep things running on schedule for those who were there to compete and not for a t-shirt. I didn’t like to keep people waiting, but we did what we had to do after we got through the byes, pools ran very smooth from then out.

Other than that, I feel we ran pools great. Those that showed up, grabbed their shirt/jersey and never showed up to run their pools, don’t bother applying next year. Lucky I, among others, happily volunteered to run your assigned pools. Good thing I was able to judge my own pool other than my assigned one and then some.

I couldn’t continue to do any more pools that were left without a judge, because I had scheduled around my assigned pools and matches and needed to shower and such, lol.

Good job everyone! Hope to see you all as judges next year. :tup:



it was great, i had fun again. <-- judge with mohawk


The “discovered the room was unlocked” judge with mohawk?


fo reals? I saw you busting your ass near the KOF stations I think.


Wow some people were grimey enough to sign up as a judge, grab the jersey and bail? That takes balls. Slimey balls.


hahah yea, thats me.

yea dude that was me, at one point i was running 3 brackets at the same time

if they can figure out who it was they should be banned from ever being a judge again, and suspended from attending evo for a year.


Coolness. I’m the dude that took your pic on the main stage.


I judged a couple of years ago, but it was chaotic to the point where I didn’t want to do it again. This year, I was regretting that I didn’t sign up, because many of the problems from 2010 had been resolved, and it seemed like more hands were definitely needed. I’ll likely be volunteering in 2013.

And I second the notion that people who bailed should be banned, if they can be found out. That’s just a dick move that puts a lot of undue stress on everyone. When you sign up to do something, you’re accepting a certain amount of responsibility, and it’s not like it’s a huge imposition to expect someone to follow through on that.


I understand people want to party, check out the city, play games and everything else, but you made a commitment and you should stick to it.

I was able to go out the night before, drink my ass off, come back around 5AM, have breakfast, get some sleep, then get up by 7:30 AM to freshen up and head to my assigned station to judge/play. Oh, and I was able to run my bracket and have my pools finished before many others, too. So I don’t want to hear any of those excuses. If you can’t handle one night in Vegas, you probably can’t handle judging matches. Just my .02 ¢



showed up at 8:25ish for my 8am pool, was in losers. thats exactly how it should be. this year was great and real quick. thanks guys!


lol glad you feel that way, some people didnt. shadyK for example, showed up to my marvel pool an hour and twenty minutes later. he didn’t throw a huge fit but definitely expressed his feelings.

sweet yea i uploaded that shit to fb, currently my profile pic.

on a side not i think i got the EVOLA


Folks - I have to say it was great to work with you all and am glad to have so many of you come back from previous years. I’ve said it time and time again, we would not be able to get things down the road without the help of all of you volunteers and judges and I thank you all for your help and dedication to this event! I hope that you all come back next year and are able to help us again, and look forward to seeing you all soon.

BTW new twitter name: follow me at @ShrekSRK

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Indeed. Next year for sure we will keep better track of things, but for right now I’d really like Victor Ramirez to explain himself. Hopefully I’m wrong about him.


Not sure what the runaway jersey thing is about, but props to you judges for volunteering. I could tell you were all busting your butts all weekend, and it was very much appreciated and cool to see. What advice would you give to people who want to volunteer next year?


Who’s that and what did he do?



I liked the all purpose EVO amazon aws site and how the brackets were listed online and stream setups, It would of been nice for stream 2 to get a projector inside the ballroom too. The brackets being updated online through out the day wuz cool too. B)

The stations for play being step up spread out through out the room was really nice, I know you guys put a shit ton of effort setting it up this way. Back in 2009 - 2010 everything was against the wall close to the power outlets. I saw the cords taped down and really well covered with this kinda yellow/ black tape to make sure people could not trip over wires and would not disrupt teh systems or cause outages.
The islands of 4 systems spread across the middle of room, set up this way was really awesome and gave more elbow room for everyone. Really smart to use the diagonal method and turn systems to at an angle for SFxT , to ensure adequate space and all 4 players to see the ASUS monitor.

Strongly recommend people keep going back and forth if they were playing 2 different games at the same time. I had judges or friends/people come up to me to tell me they were still in another game like KOF. People did a pretty good job on this I held matches for these people, they stalled the bracket at times. Could not move forward until they played.

A lot more chairs at finals was great too. The security guy to check badges seemed to disappear at the end and stopped checking for badges, so the next door stream room guys could joined in. It seem there was enough space too back back rows were not full either.

Not Good
The thing that made me teh most SaLtyz about EVO was the food next to ballroom. lol
The food next door to ballroom was atrocious, Caesar’s should be ashamed for the slop they were serving and the prices they were charging. I appreciate the free food vouchers EVO gave judges, I rather you guys save the money or let us spend that good money down at the food court [bunch of mini fast foodish restaurants]. I offered to give back 3 $20 food voucher cards back after using one, to save SRK money. Only to be told that they were already paid for. :frowning: LOLz! The food was that bad, but used them mostly for drinks on the 3 vouchers left. The only thing decent was that $8 turkey sandwich, $4 fruit cup, mini soda drinks were over priced $4 each. But the $8 burgers, $8 dried out sitting all day under teh heat lamp $8 shicken fingerz, $5 hot dog all were st8 AZZ! For Shame u greedy harrah’s scumbagz dat shizzz wuz whack, GTFOz! Caesar’s u piece of chit greedy MF’erz D:< I am grateful for the food allowance, but maybe you could get them to provide a sample before you agree to anything. I truly felt they ripped EVO/SRK off. I was told by one of the Cannon brothers the chefs were preparing a “special” food menu for us. LOL They could of definitely done a better job on the quality of food if they were going to charge those kind of prices.

I messed up and ran a marquee match in pools for KOF QF that should of been streamed. Romance vs Kaoru Inoue. The stream note on the match was kinda scribbled and I thought it was apart of Kaoru’s name. Maybe put a huge star or circle a match or circle the word stream. I had a brain fart and write messy too, but this was a 1st match of QF and could not tell until the match was halfway through. FML

Another thing that was pretty bad was some players (50% my guess) not knowing where their quaterfinals [QF] pool were, at least for AE.
AKA the people that qualified out of the original 16 man pools (1 winners & 1 losers qualifiers)

Ran AE all day on day 1 from 8am to 6pm at station 6. 6pm pools “F” [F1-F8] was teh beginning of QF and had only 8 pools instead of the 19 pools for AE2012 through out the day.

I made sure to make the people that qualified out of my pools to remember their qualifier number, pool #, & time they were playing (all were 6pm). I asked them to take a picture with their smartphone if they had a camera and save it. Probably one of the easiest things to do and pull up. Assumed most would forget, or asked them to write it down on a paper and save it, if they did not haz a camera phone. Hopefully all the judges can do a better job on this next year. I heard Tom & Tony said they might provide a little paper or card with the info written down.

day1 6pm comes around, time for AE 2012 QF to start, kinda of a cluster fuck, got a bunch of people coming up to me asking where their QF is, to look at my bracket to see if they are on there, telling for sure they are in so and so bracket yet they are not written down on that bracket. Judges not being at the bracket to run at certain QF pools.

Great Idea to put station 1&2, station 3&4, on the signs for an island with 4 systems/tvs during the day 8am-4pm.We had 19 pools/stations for AE with 2 systems each pool, QF only needed 8 pools, so ideally it would be nice to run 1 QF pool with 4 systems [1 island] but everyone would have to scoot down, which also caused a little confusion. The sign was blank on the other side, so maybe you could make the island of 4 systems a single QF pool F1,F2, F3, etc, maybe you could print out the sheet but slip it in on the other side of the sign [ Station 1/2 | quarterfinals station F1] before 6pm quarterfinals pool start. The other side of the sign was blank.

station 1&2= become F1
station 3&4= become F2
station 5&6= become F3
station 7&8= become F4

station 9&10= become F5
station 11&12= become F6
station 13&14= become F7
station 15&16= become F8

Another way to help people find their QF bracket is by using teh GDLK amazon aws site SRK


used this year, so people that remembered their original pool & had access to the internet on their smartphone could see the 2 qualifying positions in their pool, 1 winners/1 losers. It gave them QF info they needed. Helped some people find their QF pool this way. Or access the SRK check in to find all pool schedules for an individual.

And LOL on some entrants not knowing where their original starting pool wuz, kinda sad. :frowning: Maybe we could have an extra computer at teh command center with a SRK staff to check for people. I know people were getting helped by NothingXs and the girl sitting next to him on where they should be for pools.

I recommend starting QF at 6:30pm or a 30 minute break(or at least 15minutes if 30 is too much) for the last set of pools, so you give the guys hand writing in the qualifiers enough time & time to double check and make sure everything is correct. The last set of brackets being turned in at around 6pm for 4-6pm can be a little rough on the command center guys, like Crackfiend and crew because some 4-6PM brackets are slower than others in finishing or get turned in right at 6pm or a little after.\

Sorry for wall of text. lolz