EVO 2012



Am surprised theres no EVO thread yet . So who all from here are going? am gonna be there .

Theres some really good Guy rep this time.



Luminare… FUCK FLOE… combo isnt playing Guy i think./


I’m more excited about Kiyo and Haytani (the Makoto player, forgot his name). It’d be interesting to see these two guys in top 8, as opposed to again seeing Fei, Rufus,Viper etc at EVo.


If only Kiryu or Nox2 could make it :frowning:

My predictions for top 8:

  1. Poongko (Seth)
  2. Mike Ross (Honda)
  3. Fuudo (Fei Long)
  4. Daigo (Ryu)
  5. Justin Wong (Rufus)
  6. Latif (Viper)
  7. Tokido (Akuma)
  8. Wolfkrone (Viper)


Kiyo is one of the best Guy players… and too much america in that top 8 Mike is not making it, neither is Krone or Latif. I doubt Wong will. I still say Kiyo is placing Top 3 and Poongko isnt goign to get that far


It’s Haitani, and yeah that dude’s fucking godlike I’m pretty sure he’s gonna go far. I’ll be rooting Kiyo,Haitani,Tokido,Eita and Xian to make top 8

Oh and GL Luminare <3



Any word on Kiyo?


Guess he’s out. I don’t see him in top 32 players list from Ultradavid’s twitter :frowning: http://yfrog.com/z/kg1pmtkj


yeah he got eliminated sadly :frowning:


He did… well damn :l I saw him in loser’s though.
Yeah Haitiani is where he would have been.


Evo has gone and annoyed me already:
I just watched Seth land ex Dragon Punch, FADC, 3 hit combo to Spin kicks, Ultra 2.

Guy cant even:
Bushinchain, ex Hoz FADC Ultra 1.
I mean… come on now.

If these 2013 edition rumors are true Bushinchain needs to be changed to either not scale so stupidly high or have its juggle count lowered so that it acts like a combo and not a special. Either that or lp Hozanto needs to combo of MP so that Ryu/Ken/Akuma/ducking Cody etc etc dont get away from Target combo pressure for free. Being able to combo safely to run slide is not enough imo. Actually just fix Target Combo :smiley:

These matchs are showing why the top characters are top. They work as intended, except maybe for guile with his dodgey block on wakeup.

Late night ramblings from a very sleepy Dan. Has been a great Tourny so far :slight_smile:


Hey Lumi and Kiyo put in work though at least and got out of pools…Just wish Guy got more rep. All the Guy players on stream were trash :l


Was anybody talking to their screen during that Elf vs. Guy match on stream? “Why would you do that?!”


I showed up late and got dq’d to losers won 2 games then eita eliminated me(who then lost to afrolegends )… I met luminare, but I never saw kiyo. Is he signed up as kiyo or some other name? Din see his name anywhere I wanna play him


Kiyomatsu. He was in pool E6, he made it out of pools but Idk who he lost to outside of that


That Guy was a fraud… but I have no experience really in the El Fuerte match up… and he didn’t either.


Wow I thought Kiyo didn’t show cos I’ve seen no matches of him on youtube either. Anyone know who he lost to both times?


Looks like he lost to Voxe/shangtsung and then to Haitani. He beat OnlineTony though.


Nice he beat OnlineTony, well at least he lost to Japan to be eliminated.

You play VF5FS don’t you?


Congrats to Infiltration for winning Evo I really loved his solid play in Top 8 he did great. I was really hoping for Guy to make some noise this year but I guess we have to wait for next time as usual :frowning:

Congrats to Luminare as well