Evo 2013 Game Lineup?


Does anybody have a word on what official games are being played at evo 2013?


Likely line up

SSFIV v.9000
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Injustice: Gods Among Us
Sony Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale
Virtua Fighter 5/Newest Blazblue/Persona/Soul Calibur 5


The big 2. I am expecting TTT2 also. Not sure the condition of P4A, wasn’t interested in it. Interesting backpedal with SFXT;

The recent IPL announcement could have an impact on whether or not it is included.


sfxtk is the wild card.

Depending on how the update is received it might get put back on the roster.

kinniku line up looks solid.


Seems likely to me


I would say that SF4, Marvel and KoF will be there.
The rest of the games, no idea

I really hope there’s KoF this year, it was one of the hypest finals


Lineup isn’t announced til like Jan/Feb.


Why would KOF be there when it’s numbers have been next to nothing and key members have been moving on to other things?


I highly doubt SC5 gets in,and I’m an ardent fan of the series. I think my crew was the only ones playing 4 into 2011.

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Thank you everyone for your answers.


No one knows. People can speculate but this will be the first EVO in a long while where competition to get into the EVO lineup will be extremely stiff. For many of them whether or not they will get in will depend on how generous Mr Wizard feels like. Don’t be surprised to see the final lineup missing games that you are expecting to be in.


The ones I’m expecting to be in will be in.
The ones I want to be in…not so sure.



5 games only.
These are my pics.


Oh, Skullgirls may get in as the last game. Who knows though?


I like these picks also.


Probably because KOF was the hypest final at Evo this year. You could feel the floor rumble because people were getting so loud,hype and jumping around.


That was 6 months ago. Not now.


bull shit. there are games that are always a sure thing for EVO.



Hopefully. I really hope so.

But other players who WERE playing KOF XIII (and were doing pretty well) have pretty much dropped the game and moved to P4A, TTT2 etc.

There are few dedicated players left.


ATM only UMvC3 and AE2012 is a “sure” thing for EVO. TTT2 is highly respected enough to probably be in too, the chances of any other game being in is very hard to predict.