EVO 2013: Marsgattai vs STplayah (New Start)


Let’s start it off by this:











What kind of shitty trollbot posts up random shit that doesn’t make sense?


he join oct 24th






Will this match happen…


Wtf are you on about? Establish some goddamn context. Stupid kids with your dumb haircuts and lousy music…


Eugene, are you just jealous these stupid kids actually have hair?




I have hair, I just choose to shave it down that’s all :frowning:

Plus, you don’t want to see me with long hair. After awhile, I start to look like this dude.




Ill play him in hsf2 on ggpo ft 10 if hes down. Nothing else to say.


I could use a really strong challenge too :-). Anybody down im down ill be around an hour from now on ggpo and supercade. I like tough challenges.


hsf2? ST is the real game


HSF2 is fun!


HSF2 is fun because you get to play old characters. I love me some old ass characters.

It may have some odd glitches and it’s competitively broken, but there’s something delicious and gooey about using CE Ryu, Guile, Sagat.


You’re thinking AE edition. Hyper Fighting has no glitches. HF is straight up balanced. AE is the one that has ALL sf2 characters available.