EVO 2013: Marsgattai vs STplayah


Id like to make this happen. Any ideas?

SRK Lounge: Word On The Street Is

Message him on here or XBL or GGPO.

I’m assuming this is FT10 for $1000 akuma mirrors right?


still 2012 n looking way too ahead in the future? world ends this year.


STP is a scrub. Don’t waste your time, Mars.


hahaha this is gonna get good as fuck lolol




STP is gonna win like he always does when he plays mars. Word to the demos that’s floating around :wink:


I like Mars for this one. Mars guile gives Damdai’s shotos a hard time, I think STP would have to do a lot of training to keep up. If this happens, I’d put down 1 to 2 hundred on Mars if anyone wants to bet on STP.


LOL please don’t Mars.


Post the vid of stp vs mars pls :slight_smile: (old ryu vs his guile) if you still have it

DNGR papercut: FYI damdai shotos are no where near the level of STPs, I personally wouldnt say damdai is a shoto player exclusive …also everytime STP has played mars he has given mars a lot of trouble and every other guile player trouble in CE, HF, ST.

beans can i get a witness : )


Who is stp?

Never mind i found out


K he beats me online whatever account he is but id figure why not do it on the real thing. I like having the odds stacked against me anyways. I like being the underdog(just like afro).


Afro was the underdog in that one? Huh…that’s pretty interesting how the different coasts saw that MM leading up to Evo.


video will be up by morning. Dam thing is 2.54 giga bytes of HD ST goodness.

And afri was NOT the underdog


Afro will be losing that matchup soon and all will be right with the world :slight_smile:

P.S. Mars over any shoto.


P.S. Mars over any shoto.

not st playeh or choi :slight_smile: considering most ryus dont zone with fireballs right and are just mindless rush down like the steve trens and dont block low on mars low short game meaty


I’m loving that attitude. Looking forward to the runback between you two guys. Hopefully in SF? With someone recording?

I’ve never heard of this dude STPlayah, but after watching Mars play at Evo, I’m pretty confident that guy should be able to any shotos that come his way.


STPlayah is a really great shoto user. He used to play on GGPO a lot, but he kinda wandered away after a while (with the exception of some undercover accounts). STP vs Mars would be a great match since both players are well-established with their characters.

STPlayah: You’re the homie, but I have to support my Negros for ST (© 2012).


sorry to pop your bubble but they’re gonna measure kawcs this time. Afro is part black so my money is on him again lol. It will however be recorded though so cheers to that.

video will be live here in exactly 617 minutes



It says the video is unavailable.

Who keeps saying Afro is part black? LOL.