EVO 2013: Mr. Wizard is Planning 2/3 Pools for UMvC3 Again


Just figured this needed more exposure. If this is wrong place for this thread, feel free to move it.



This has been known for months, people have just accepted it at this point.


This quote sums it up well enough.


Expected radomdude#74 in top8


Why? I’m surprised there isn’t more of a community movement to have this changed.

I actually see this being brought up more and more as EVO draws nearer.


Because in the end, the better player will win a large majority of the time.


I think it’s more of the fact that it’s their tournament and if they say there isn’t enough time, then that’s that.
I’m pretty sure most Marvel 3 players would choose 3/5 over 2/3 if you asked, whether it be the better players or the worse players.


everybody goin to da beech i guess


what’s with the quote “going to the beach”?

oh and question
Is Injustice really hype in the FGC? I wasn’t interested so I’m not too sure


This isn’t even as much of a problem as it being on PS3, but we already know nothing is going to change so it’s get out of 2/3 pools in PS3 or go home.




As long as its 3/5 out of pools, Im cool with it.


You going to feel that way if you lose the first game and get happy birthday’d game 2?


That won’t happen to me because Im not an ass player. I know how to play this game. Flat out. Its not on some ego shit either. This game has come to a point that if you are an actual decent player, you won’t get scrubbed out in this game unless you play bad.

Think of it this way.

At least 16 players in one pool, 128 pools or some shit, 2000 players or whatever. Only top 16 is seeded for the 5 majors on the road to evo I believe, so that’s a possibility of 80 players getting seeded, but Chris G is winning everything and alot of players players repeated in top 16, so lower that to maybe 20 or 25 getting seeded. Then they gonna seed the known players in that don’t have evo points, which is not many people that has happened to, then they seed in the randoms. So in each pool, you MIGHT be able to get one seeded player, POSSIBLY a dark horse or 2, and the rest are random ass Joe Schmoes who only entered the tournament because they thought it was fun and they wanna be apart of the hype. That is worst case scenario. Best case scenario is that the pool is so free, you make it out of winners and Joe Schmoe makes it out with you. It happened to my friend in AE. It happened to someone from Grand Rapids playing Marvel in 2011. It happened to alot of fucking people.

So Im fucking cool with it. Whoever the best player is will come out of pools, flat out.

Now when you get OUT of pools, that’s when shit gets real.


Only ass players get happy birthday’d? That’s news to me.

I see what you’re saying, though.


changed my mind bout evo since 2/3 and ps3!

cater to the players in the fgc and what they have been playing on (xbox) kappa kappa thanks


I firmly believe top 8 will have at least 3 gimmick teams. Fruitsy proved last year that 2/3 isn’t a good idea, and his strategy didn’t need happy birthdays and played right theirs no way his team could get happy birthday’d. This of course isn’t to say fruitsy is a bad player, but he certainly showed the power of lame and how you don’t have to be better then the other player to win in marvel. If he could get the first kill, the match was in the bag regardless of how good you are.

I personally think mr wizard has a vendetta of sorts against marvel. It’s still just as popular as any other title, yet it’s getting the short end of the stick.


I would say he appreciates the game more than 3S at least. You couldn’t pay him, or James or David to say anything nice about 3S. Like 3S, it’s a game of abstracts and a lot of having to mask decisions and stuff that isn’t typical of more solid fighting games.

Mr.Wizard actually compared UMVC3 to Super Turbo (which is pretty much a religion for him and the other old guys). Which I assume he meant that it reminded him of how everyone is dangerous despite their tier. The main difference in tiers is the amount of options each character has in a specific situation. If they hit you with said option…just like ST you’re dying or will die pretty soon.

The majority of Marvel 3/5’s go by pretty quick and can go by quicker than some 2/3’s of SFIV, xTekken or KOF13. The problem is they’re afraid that just by numbers it’s possible that you could have a Frusty vs. Dieminion that could take up to 15 minutes or more in pools. They’re just scared of the potential logistics issue and just don’t want to take the risk. Even though it’s very probable the majority of matches won’t last longer or even last shorter than the 2/3’s of other games. Especially if there’s a gap in skill level you can get 3/0’s that go by really quick.


That would make sense if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s 3/5 after pools. It sucks but it’s just pools. If you’re good enough you can deal with it.

Look at the Evo 2013 schedule again and tell me Marvel 3 is getting the short end of the stick.

Lol conspiracy theories.


Last time I checked, you still had to win like 6 or 7 matches to get into top 8 when you are out of pools. If winning 6 matches is still inconsistent, then Idk what the problem is.