EVO 2013 Pass Pick-up

How do you actually get your pass? Is it only online or can you pick it up at the event?
The reason I’m asking this is because I ordered three passes back in February and still haven’t received anything that I could show to event organizers to receive my passes/t-shirt.

You pick it up at the hotel. There’s a counter before you enter the ballroom.

Thanks Valaris, do I just give them our names? (In case you couldn’t figure out I’m completely new to EVO.)

usually there is a early check in on thrus around the ballroom area , bring something with your name on it being a valid ID then your set for Friday/weekend…don’t wait til Fri lines will be crazy in the AM and you don’t want to wait around in line trust me man : ) I’ll prolly be helping out thrus anyway and it takes only 5 mins. come by early!

Thanks Toshin, I’ll be there Thursday and we’ll stop by for our stuff.

When does the early check in on Thursday end?

uh in past years just after dinner like 6? ish if I recall…usually runs most/all of the afternoon

Ah so if I get there in the evening I’ll have to stand on line Friday morning. :frowning:

Yeah I really do not know when it will end on thrus at this point…:frowning:

Things have def changed.

ANYWAYS, I’m originally from here but won’t be staying at a hotel [stationed east coast]. Do I still go to the hotel bellcounter/what’s the earliest day I can get it?

thrus, near /around the ballroom area in ballys : ) Im sure there will be an annoucement from evo/srk

Does anyone know if we’ll be able to pick up press passes on Saturday or Sunday?

Anyone know if I would encounter any problems trying to pick up a couple passes for my family that I bought for them since they won’t be arriving until late Friday?

Your name must be on the bill so I assume you’ll be alright.

Damn i dont get in til thursday night :frowning:

You can pick up badges Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday during registration hours.

Yes, sir, this app is legit: