EVO 2013 Polls


Help spread the words and vote!
This will have an impact of whether there will be a tournament of legends 2 @ EVO big stage



I ain’t got Nerdbook, but my feelings are with you. I’ll make sure to nerd it (“like it”) when I make an account there.


lol i just noticed that djfrijoles was trolling hard




I was tempted to do the same thing, especially dat jello wrestling, lol.

But then I thought that if the Canons or Wizard decided to look at those results, and see that I also chose ST amongst the joke choices, that they would imply that I’m choosing ST as a joke as well, and ignore my vote.

And ST is serious business.


Im surprised games like shaq fu and is on the list but not samurai shodown

Edit: im blind. I jusr saw ss v:sp on the list