Evo 2013 predictions!

Hey guys , this thread is a pretty self explanatory thread… Just wondering what predictions are for EVO 2013 , as of course there’s infiltration who’s looking awesome , but what do you think?

  1. Infiltration
  2. Daigo
  3. PR Fei
  4. Poongko
  5. Kazunoko & Eita
  6. Tokido & Fuudo


I think this is silly to do until we got a list of attendees (and VERY silly to do 6 months prior to the actual tourney - who knows, maybe Infil gets unlocked or someone levels up mad during this half year?)

  1. Gootecks
  2. FLoE
  3. FChamp
  4. Alex Valle
  5. Banana Ken & Marlin Pie
  6. Mike Ross & Darksydephil

1st place, Justin Wong.
2nd place, Sanford Kelly.
3rd place, Yipes.
4th place, Duc
5th place, Clockwork & Neo
7th place, Fanatiq and Chris Schmidt.

Oh wait, wrong game.

  1. jyobin
  2. kaxblastard
  3. gootecks
  4. whitegun
  5. happy medicine & juicebox
  6. aquasilk & noah
  1. Daigo, if he finally decides to start counterpicking

if not then

  1. Infiltration, because he will choose Akuma/Gouken/Hakan/?? appropriately to give him an advantageous matchup, although he doesn’t seem to have a counterpick for Yun or Cammy yet
  1. mike ross
  2. aquasilk
  3. mike ross
  4. divinemarkpizza
  5. daigo & infiltration
  6. mago & mike ross

exactly … daigo if he finally decides to counterpick like infiltration does for years + daigo has a biger set of characterrs in the pocket … he has one of the best (if not the best) Yun ,a strong akuma a fantastic guile,cammy … so if he finally stops that character loyalty bulshit he could be the NM.1 again in the world
if not , infiltration’s gonna take it easily again…i think he countered Yun with Hakan against Hugo101

top 4 in evo2k13 in no specific order :
ricky ortiz

No, right game :slight_smile:

1st place, Justin Wong.
2nd place, John Choi
3rd place, Yipes.
4th place, Sanford Kelly.

Ricky @fagot@ ortiz is at the moment the strongest SF american player… US is preaty much free in this game

  1. Apoc
  2. Valle
  3. Kuni Funada
  4. Juicebox
  5. Arturo Sanchez
  6. Jason Nelson
  7. Daigo Umehara
  8. Laugh
  1. USB Hubs
  2. $12 chat (complaints)
  4. Mexico (Diego Umejuarez)
  5. Poongko’s belt
  6. Valle’s buttons
  7. Some new dance that combines JaHa and K-Pop
  8. “He just does 1 thing that’s why he wins, I know bcuz I watched. You guys don’t, let me tell you”

ChuChu and Breno Fighters are going to kick some serious ass

No PR Rog is the strongest. I’d be surprised if any other american player makes it to a better spot than him at evo. He beat Ricky and Dieminion with a character he picked up a month ago and both of them could also be called the best american player.

Don’t forget about Ludo! Playing “The King”!

hmmm i didnt folow the american scene lately… i just know ricky has a pocket cammy (which is allready a monster) , justin has a strong adon too ,pr rog droped barlog for fei long (but hes gonna use him probably in certain matchups) so its really hard to pick one as the strongest …for my taste its sadly ricky ortiz

If Evo was played online, kaxblastard’s lag hack would beat anybody.

  1. M2K
  2. BoxeR
  3. Leeroy Jenkins

has anyone noticed white guys are just not as good as asian or black men at this game?