Evo 2013 room sharing


Not sure if someone already made a thread for this but was wondering if anyone is willing to share rooms and split costs. Last year was only my first time at Evo and a friend who goes every year told me plenty of people share even if they’re all strangers. Last Evo I stayed at the Riviera which was 1.5 mile to the venue and back. So I have to try something new this year. Btw, I live in Tampa, FL not far from Orlando so if anyone has heard of CEO or went there last year, I’ll be an attendee there as well. You may already know that it is one of the Road to Evo events, and I personally know the guy who runs it. You all should attend. But let me know if anyone wants share a room for Evo.


If I get a room for one person (myself), is it against hotel policy to let someone stay over night?

Edit: Nevermind. It’s not allowed.

Trying to book my hotel now before everything is booked. :\


im suprised this hasnt blown tf up yet,im looking to share a room with ppl or someone,shit anything as long as its in the paris hotel


I don’t see the problem if you only pay per night and not per person. There is a group rate involved when you book through the Evo site and the price should stay the same.

Same here.


maybe we should all get one together?i almost want to post on the other threads just to see if anyone needs a room


tampa chun? I’ll just talk to you at winterfest today about this lol



I’m looking to book and/or share a room at the paris hotel… Anyone up for that?


I have a room at Paris already booked. At present I’m not looking to add other people since I like my space, but if we met last year or know each other through some other means, hit me up if you need a room. Share of the room is negotiable to an extent.


I booked The luxury 2 queen bed room if anybody is willing to split the costs of the room just let me know. I do believe the most you can have in a room is 4 people so if you willing to share a room just let me know.