Evo 2013 Rose appearances

Evo is there once again,so i’m gonna ask this question. People of Roseline Vill are you gonna put on that scarf, activate those obs and FIGHT? The angle of death card may have stumble upon us but where there’s good evil is sure to be destroyed.

Really hope a fair amount of Rose players would take part at evo this year. Filipino Man opened the way . Congrats man for your performance last year and hope this year you go even further . Rose army this may be a tough road ,top tiers,votex etc but with thy scarf and thy obs Rose can prevail. Everyone has their own game style but keep in mind to compensate for lack of votex,high lv frame traps and big dmg counter hits Rose has a tool called “irritate” this can break down any top player.
With all said i really wanna wish all competing good luck and “Let the spirits guild you”

Luuuuuuuuuuuuufffffffffffyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy will be there I think.

:slight_smile: he sure will

Good shit to COUP | Saikyo Style on the Rose play. Those nerves are a bitch.

And fuck Cammy.

Fuck viper while we’re at it. Sucked that Luffy could send Ricky Ortiz, DarkJiewa and Mago to losers, then go toe to toe and almost beat Xian in a fundamentals game, then lose to Wolfkrone’s viper shenanigans and ambiguous gimmicks. :frowning:

Luffy’s the shit.

Unfortunately, due to a busy weekend work schedule, I saw pretty much that Saikyo Style match and that’s about it. :frowning:

Louffy is so damn good. i believed he made it to top 16 . If Rose is given the right buff we’re good to go :slight_smile:

17th i think. Things would have been interesting if he’d sent Xian to losers… Luffy had match point twice so was definitely possible.

Luffy beat Ricky’s Rufus

You can find that match on Eventhubs and it’s an offstream match