EVO 2013 Vega thread

Like the previous year, here is the Evo 2013 thread about Vega. Who is participating?

BrokkenG is the only one I know. And anyone from our SRK team?

Btw, congratz to Rugal for being the only Vega at top 32 at CEO.

Chris King’s splendid Vega is in one of the earlier pools.

But I see the hype level is zero this year

Ah well I will be watching, as long as it is on my waking hours. But I guess I am equally exited for the v2013 details announcement.

At least joz attending?

I was hoping v2013 would be released before Evo and they would play with v2013.
I have no idea if Joz is attending or not. brokkenG and ChrisKing for all I know. Wish Reiketsu would attend at least this year. Guess he is anti-evo or something. Tatsu seems to drop the game altogether. Same for Makoto and Arai.

Actually, makoto0124 is streaming once in a while on http://twitch.tv/makoto0124 (C’mon! You guys don’t follow his twitter? https://twitter.com/Makoto4210 - Google Translator helps to understand when he is going to stream)

Also, there is A LOT of tweets regarding setups, Option Selects and general tech regarding matchups. But google translator fails badly translating that kind of information. If someone knows Japanese and has time to spare to give us some knowledge it would be cool to translate them (ALL :smiley: ).

But now he is pretty much a lab rat =P. I talked to him and he has no plans to compete again. But he is active as hell on the console versions and he is getting back in the arcades. As you can see in http://www.ssfranking.com/jp makoto0124 is growing up in the rank quickly, with an STUPIDLY AMAZING 85% win rate.

Jozhear is not attending EVO this year, according to him its very likely that next year he manages to go, though.
Arai played in that last Topanga Charity thing. Got bodied by Tokido IIRC.

So, yeah, all I got from pools is Chris King and brokkenG. I don’t remember seeing El Cubano Loco there… but maybe he is going and it got unnoticed by me.

Man so much usefull information, and you tell me all that just now? Had no idea about makoto. That is very exciting.

Yeah, you’re welcome. If possible, record his streams. I think that there must be some kind of “Unregistered user” on twitch.tv that delete videos after a certain period of time. He streams like once in a month for about 4h. Sometimes is just him at training mode testing shit. This month he decided to play, it was the first time that he did that.

The problems is that the old videos disappear from his archive. Like I said I fear that it “expires” somehow. As it always seems to take the same period of time to make them vanish from the internet.

Good luck to everyone! Let’s make it out of our pools :slight_smile:

-Thai Vega

Great another well known player at Evo, good luck to you! Which bracket are you in? (for cheering/stalking reasons :wink:

@Haztlan: I have no idea how twitch.tv works, I even heard it right now that there is an archiv, I thought that was live stream only :wink:

Both Elcubanoloco and German Luger are at Evo. But no Jozhear and Zeus…

Does anyone know in which pools brokkeng and chris are? And u Thai?

Chris King on stream!

And he has beaten Samurai with the most wierd play I ever witnessed. Didn’t punish anything properly. Just waited for Ryu to mess up. Strange.

This is brokkenG’s pool

I got knocked out by a Rog for pressing a button (nerves), that was my match to get out of pools. Dudley sent me to losers for no knowing how deadly he could be up close, gotta respect him in the future. 5-2 for a Vega that’s been playing marvel all year. Bring on AE2013

shakes the blood from his claw

I was really looking forward to seeing Zeus in action,

Does anyone know if one can upload EVO matches to youtube or will one be sued for copyright issues?

Knocked out lost in wf to hsing cheng and losers by viper sorry friends!

-Thai Vega

BrokkenG is out :frowning:
Who is hadouken69? Jeez.

Congrats Chris King for Top 32!