Evo 2014 Feedback Thread


Thank you everyone who came out to Evo 2014. This year we had a record number of tournament players and spectators. It was a big learning experience for us and we’re already brainstorming on ways to double-down on the things that worked well and smooth over the rough patches. Here’s how you can help.

Read me! How to post feedback!

  1. We want to hear your MOST favorite and LEAST favorite things about Evo 2014.
  2. Pretend you have $3 to spend on investing in your MOST favorite things, and $3 to spend improving your LEAST favorite things. You can put all the money into one thing or spread it out, but if you choose to spend money on an item, you have to spend at least $1 on it. So this means you can’t list more than 3 things for most favorites and least favorites.


•Most favorites

•Staging, $1
•Location of the hotel, $1
•Playable betas, $1

•Least favorites
•Not enough space, $2
•Affordable food, $1

The Food Situation

Most favorite

$2 Lots of space!
$1 Awesome stage presentation, props to Seth Mussey & crew

Least favorite

$2 3-dollar cans of soda
$1 Lack of marquee matches on stage/stream


Most favorite:
$1 new, huge main screen with character art and player names
$1 more seating
$1 Byoc area

Least favorite:
$2 no commentators over loud speakers
$1 small and out dated byoc area


That’s not gonna happen. It would totally fuck up the players.


Most Favorites:

  • Excellent Reception throughout the whole Evo weekend at the Venue $1
  • Lots of room to move around and a big seating area right outside of the main hall $1
  • Awesome huge screen on the stage with pretty cool overlays $1

Least Favorites:

  • Pretty bad food choices at the Venue compared to last year $1
  • Pretty off from the Strip (only found out about the monorail on Saturday night) $1
  • Felt that Smash finals took too damn long $1

Overall, I had a way better experience this year than the previous one at the Paris.


There are ways to deal with it. The majority of events in other games and competitive events handle it.


My suggestion: An audio-only comment streaming that people can hear thru headphones


Most Favorite:

$1 Incredible space
$1 Main Screen, the intro videos … incredible!
$1 hotel location was awesome, near to the airport, really affordable for our wallets :slight_smile:

There are a lot of more “pros” … but you only give me 3 bucks to spend sniff!

Least favorite:

$ 2 casual matches area ( the version of some games was outdated, example, the version of Street Figther was AE ( not even 2012 )
$ 1 on site food was kinda expensive


$1 Venue 3G/data reception
$1 Free water jugs
$1 Multiple stream screens, mostly visible from wherever.

Least Favourites:
$2 No media photo area, stage access for non-EVO photographers. Competing with fans for room for shooting angles means one party gets the bad end.
$1 No media co-ordinator, contact, etc.


Based on comparing 2012 to this year (Missed 2013)


  • Space was just right. Enough room for everything, and lots of seating for Sunday.
  • The LVH/Westgate is a perfect fit for the event. I’d be happy to see it there on a regular basis. Connection to the LV Monorail gave really good access to the strip and other attractions without spending an arm and a leg for cabs. The casino isn’t so huge that it’s a chore to get from rooms to the event floor. Elevators were about the only thing I had an issue with, but I assume that’s part of the renovation plans with the Westgate Acquisition.


  • If Smash returns, please allocate another hour for it on the schedule. The top 8 ran 1.5 hours over schedule, and I believe it did that in 2013 as well. Funny enough, the Guidebooks “incorrect” schedule for USF4 was more accurate than the “corrected” one posted Sunday.
  • Please clear up the registration for non-Competitor passes. I purchased a non-Competitor pass for my wife in March when I purchased my Competitor pass. The only differences between the passes that were listed were that the Premium pass would get the “swag bag.” There was not a clear indication the non-Premium pass wouldn’t be allowed into the main floor on Sunday. I wasn’t the only one who ran into this issue. Another player was bringing this up at the registration table the same time I was on Sunday. I suggest having a “Premium with Stuff” pass and a “Premium Without Stuff” pass as well as a “Guest Pass” that doesn’t access the Sunday stage.

Pros :
LVH Venue $2
Space $1

Registration Clarification $2
Smash Sunday Scheduling $1



  • The game stats were amazing $1
  • Lots of room $1
  • Great presentation $1

Least Favorites:

  • Hotel charging for (very poor) internet $1
  • Lack of losers bracket on the big screen for USF4 $1 (seemed like there were 1000 people crowding station 51)
  • Not enough seating for the first 2 days $1


There was a debate about this a long time ago, basically to have commentator audio you’d have to box in the players pc esports style, and the community didn’t want that. Players feeling the crowd hype and all that jazz. the overflow room last year with the stream feed + commentary was a neat idea though


Most favorite:
$1 space availability overall
$1 byoc and merchant area was nice
$1 the sound system. You could really hear (and feel) those hits on Sunday!

Least favorite
$2 hundreds of people waiting to go to 8am pools, didn’t actually start letting people in until a couple mins after 8 and it was two (2) guys checking badges so it took a long time to get to through the badge checkpoint. Got to pool a55 at 8:10, first match happened at 8:40




  • Indie Booth $1
  • Great presentation $1
  • Free water $1

Least Favorites:

  • The hotel itself was pretty awful (expensive internet, TERRIBLE rooms) $2
  • Small BYOC $1

I really wish to come next year, but being european I have to dish out some serious cash to afford the flight tickets.


Erm I was not there physically, so I can’t really comment on venue etc…So I’'ll just list my least favorite

Least favorite
•laggy stream, since 2013, I would subscribe to the twitch channel to support the stream/scholarship etc… However, the stream is extremely laggy to the point that it keeps loading every few seconds. Of course this will probably have to do with me being all the way in Singapore. But I watch just fine and in HD on IGN’s stream. On the twitch stream, watching on medium is extremely laggy too and I don’t want to watch on low because it is so pixelated.

I believe my internet speed is rather decent, here’s my speed test result:

So yeah, I hope the stream can be improved especially for overseas people. All in all, great job on another successful EVO, looking forward to next year!



$1 Main stage presentation
$1 different gaming vendors on site
$1 playable betas

Least favorite

$2 the LVH sucked. Can’t really explain it any other way. Poor customer service, the television stations were awful, poor internet… just bad
$1 no actual sales from gaming vendors on site. You would think there would be some kind of exclusive sales offered to show appreciation to people who made their way out there. I personally would’ve spent more if I felt like I was getting a better deal on things I purchased. I guess that’s something you guys have no control over but hey, just a thought.


$3 space & layout. Really loved how it all worked, especially with the little buffer zone with food in the middle

$1 wow those rooms. No fridge, standard definition tv signal, and for some reason everything was unplugged
$1 sound system was crazy loud. Depending on where I was I was in some pain, especially during the Vega movie
$1 if you are going to do 8am pools, then you should let people in before 8am


Most Favorites:
$1 Awesome game stats and a “live ticker” with off-stage results
$1 Lots of room. There were so many people, yet it didn’t feel packed. (The exhibitor’s hall was rad)
$1 Great presentation - both on stream and on site

Least favorite:
$1 Registration went reather smoothly - but didn’t keep track of who already claimed their badge and shirt. Could have gone ten times, sold the shirts/badges… I hope no one did, but that’s rather strange considering the limited space on Sunday.
$1 Killer Instinct was way too loud on Sunday. I brought ear protection and still felt like vomitting sometimes.
$1 With all due respect to the Smash Community… their tournament ruleset is weird. 5 lives ingame AND bo3/bo5 makes it the longest game to watch/endure on finals day. I liked most of it, but it just took way too long.



$1 location (tons of space this year and easy connection to the strip through the monorail)
$1 for all the additional side tournaments this year. (everything from SFXTekken to Gundam Full Burst)
$1 For an all around great presentation (giant screen with names and best of set info was nice. Made Sunday very nice)


$1 The hotel rooms. The location was great, but the rooms often left a lot to be desired. It may be a pipe dream, but having a place with room TVs that you can actually hook up and not be ass would be amazing. Dragging along a TV in addition to everything else is a huge pain. I understand this might not be possible, but maybe one day.

$1 for Smash top 8. While hype, it took forever. Can we look into possibly running it on Saturday? or maybe concurrently with another game on Sunday? It’s been fun these last few years, but it’s just the nature of the game to run long.

$1 I would have liked to have seen the BYOC area be a little bigger.


$3 Evo’s presentation and Ballrooms were pretty awesome, probably my favorite thus far.

$3 the hotel itself and location was pretty horrible and inconvenient even with the monorail being there. Our tv broke on day 1, we tried calling the desk to fix/replace it (3 times) but they never came =/. Mad long strings of hair all over the bathroom upon arrival. I am sure if there were a motel 6 vegas then it would have been much more cleaner and organized than the Lvh Westgate .

Other than that Evo 2014 itself was pretty damned awesome.