EVO 2014 KOF XIII Grand Final Qanba XiaoHai Strategy


Throughout the tournament MCZ Tokido’s chin seemed to be very difficult for every opponent. Everyone was getting hitted by that overhead.
But on the 2nd set of Final Xiao really tackled chin very well.
If you explain how did he did this it will be a great help. Especially I also rescpect chin a lot. It is really difficult when he is close to you and you have to defend.


I’ll watch it again but at least from my perspective, although neutralizing chin is a big factor, the momentum indicator at least for me lies in the Point Iori mirrors they both have, Tokido in those first rounds more times than not absolutely could not deal with the Iori mirror while Xiaohai has it down like it’s an easy match, once tokido’s iori loses, tokido has to put everything on chin whom he switched to secondary from anchor, and it just so happened that when chin loses Tokido kinda chokes up, i could defienetly feel in that final Karate vs Karate match that Tokido was mentally defeated and Xiaohai could to…

Despite a lukewarm crowd response, bad commentary and if you ignore the fact that both have EX Iori and Karates (which people consider to be boring matches) the Grand Finals was a battle of pure technical expertise as one tries to download the other, IMO it’s better than Reynald vs Woo where Woo was completely demoralized after that first loss (though the crowd reaction and reynald being the favorite made up for it) i really got that sense of chess match technicality and the story of tokido’s comeback (even backed by Tokido’s back story of climbing the ladder in KOF the entire year) made it more intense.


Agree. This year’s finals were underrated and last year’s were overrated (and 2012’s were too). It’s to be expected I guess, given the nationalities/character selections involved. KOF’s gameplay continues to advance and improve over time.

I hope the game isn’t killed stateside by the swath of UNIEL hype going on these days.


The Grand Finals IMO were up to par with USF4’s if you disregard character redundancy, the USF4 tournament may not be Hype in Raw fashion but it was a technical showcase.

Though personally after watching Tokido climb the ranks over the past year seeing him lose to xiaohai was anti-climactic to me… not taking anything from Xiaohai because i’m sure he deserved it but i had no emotional investment in his journey unlike Tokido, but that’s competition.

Still Tokido losing feels like Taker losing the Streak to Brock Lesnar all over again at Mania 30.


But there is no variety in charecter select ET used the same team as Xiaohai. Everyone is using DLC


ET was using clark, yes there had to be some top tiers in there but they can be beaten, chin although very powerful is still below karate, flame iori and kim, and did a lot of work Daimon was showcased, as was Billy, Duo lon, shen, saiki, takuma, yuri, king, claw iori as well it didn’t that have less of a character variety last year it just so happened that the Grand finals last year didn’t feature the top three characters.


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