EVO 2014. Let's get faded



We have 6+ months to prepare.

I want to challenge Jr Rodriguez to a money match in 3rd Strike at EVO 2014.  CRT only. Xbox only (because my stick is Xbox)

Why?  Because I think he sucks at 3rd Strike.  Plain and simple.  He fronts like he’s good well LET ME SHOW YOU HOW BAD YOU ARE PIKACHUAKUMA AKA MASTER OF SCRUBS.

It can be any amount. $1 or $500.

I will use Chun Li, but if he requests I can use another character lol.

Ft10 is good.

Please spam this on his Facebook and YouTube!  (I’m banned lol)

Another person I’d like to play is Floe, because he thought he was legit enough to be a representative for the 3rd Strike community for 3soe.  He even backed it up saying he got 9th place at Evo a few times and it was his main game.  I’d like to show him how little he knows about the game.

Same stipulation.  I would probably use Makoto, Urien, Yun, Ken, or Dudley in this match. Maybe Q, lol.

Chun Chun would be TOO easy.

I don’t think JR or floe will take the bets though. In fact, I’m 100% sure they won’t. It doesn’t matter. I was just throwing it out there to get some kind of excitement going.


This challenge also goes out to anyone. We can play a ft5 or ft10 for $5. I didn’t get to play many of these last year and I regret it. No hard feelings to the loser. I want to be friends with everyone!

I’ll use Chun if you request but I can use many other characters too.

If you’re that worried about money, we’ll call the bet $5 and I’ll buy you a beer after (thus rendering the bet useless).

This will take place at HOOTERS HOTEL during EVO. Sorry if it’s a bit far from the event, but this hotel is where we scumbags belong.  Plenty of dirt whores and 3:30am 25 cent wings or whatever the happy hour is. A true garbage dump.  Can’t go wrong.

Buy your plane tickets. It’s the event you don’t wanna miss!

If you don’t know us So Cal guys, don’t worry.  Akuma Hax will tell you we are more than welcoming to newcomers (he’s one of us now).

So what’s it gonna be guys?



Stream this and have WTF-Akuma-HAX on commentary please

Any pro players or people with 4k pp or more^^

Fuck streams…

You gotta go!!


Damn. well, I’ll see if I’m out of the country or not by that time


Oooooh, somebody better record this.


No record. Just go!!!


ugh i remember i told viewers to spam JR’s youtube and facebook to play me online in a ft10 lmao i simply got a response of “ill look into it”, you’ll be lucky to get a response at allllll haha


I’d be hella down, but I’m starting a new job and I don’t want to try to take time off within the first 6 months.


ryan i challenge you at evo2014 ft10 for a 6-pack, winner’s choice of beer. you gill vs me necro


I’ll be at EVO in the MvC2 corner again so come grab me before these matches start or text me, though my phone had like no signal last evo :frowning:

i got my money on dander


Ugh you better record it for us chaps in Europe!


Denjizz says you’re a chun scrub, then again he called Rikimaru the same…


Nice thread. Use gouki against jr’s gouki and record it please.


While I think JR sucks as well, he more than proved me wrong when he beat pyrolee in a best of 3 match tournament at Supercade last year. Then I’m re-reminded that he’s made Top 8 in Evo numerous times and was a top contender in every 3s match there was. And most importantly, he never tier whored to make it on top and only played to that character’s potential. He earned my respect in this manner. (Even though he’s still an ego dude seeking meaningless DPs)

If you’re really gonna ft10 him and show truly how “scrubby” he is, it’s a shame you have to resort to chun. If you’re really that much skilled than he is, you would use a weaker character/matchup like Urien to beat him in a FT10.

Now that will be an interesting ft10.


I will be there for sure. if I can figure out how to transport it I’ll bring a CPS3 supergun setup with Seimitsu sticks.

would be cool to have a a team tournament

Team Alaska


I was with you til you moved onto FloE. I think he’s a decent guy, and his playstyle is great to watch, as well as his streams. Seems like an ok, humble dude overall


I know very little of 3S and 3S players. But i will say this…
Someone who has the urge to upload videos like this can’t possibly be considered a “top” player.



But… look at all the double perfect videos he’s got. Surely, you can’t win!



I would pay to see a stream of this.


Imo you should extend the same challenge to Dander, Jwong, Ricky O, NicaKO, and perhaps a few others who need to be taken down a peg. :slight_smile: