EVO 2014. Let's get faded

Go to Japan for 3rd Strike.

It’s just Vegas is a lot cheaper and only one weekend.

yeah that’s true. I’ve met cool people on GGPO and people worth playing for sure. just a shame to have to wade through the rest of the stuff that comes along with it.

we need to play soon! I’m hungry for revenge. I’m going to try not planting my face into your pokes this next time around.

yeah definitely. when I was describing my experience with GGPO and several people didn’t really experience the same thing, I figured it was probably a Windows 7 thing. ChaiTea was saying Windows 8 feels awful too and it sounds like you are having the same experience. maybe dual booting with Windows XP might work? I’ve been thinking of giving that a try.

that’s the nice thing about OE, everyone’s setup is identical. where on GGPO one of you might be on XP and one of you on Windows 8, or the other is locking his refresh to his monitor and you aren’t. seems like there’s a lot of stuff that can potentially go wrong.

I think in ideal circumstances GGPO is clearly better than OE. Funland and I went from pretty close to unplayable on OE to definitely playable on GGPO, and we’re both on 0 frame delay, one of us in Alaska and one of us in eastern Canada. that’s a pretty good testament to GGPO when it is working smoothly.

It was EVO first for me. Had never been to a big event like that or visited Vegas and it was more affordable than Japan to the point of actually being possible. Met a bunch of cool 3s heads and made some connections. Good trip, well worth the investment.

Would have been Japan first though if I had three times the money.

indisputably yes

oh oh oh also I challenge pherai to akuma mirrors

THIS Pikachu Akuma? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvTjIY7TTFE&ntz=1

Go ahead, I’ll be more than happy to watch you on his Ragequit/Rage Mail episodes. Peace

um this is real life.

I know. I can’t wait for the introduction of a rage quit LIVE! lmao
Seriously though, learn some yoga before he whips your ass!

Rage quit live? Yoga? Wtf

You sound about as big a dork as the adamantium guy.

Hey new guy. Go find out more about condor dive sucks and Q is dope.

That Kuroda stuff didn’t stick, and you probably didn’t buy niconico premium and figure out how to watch a few days later now, but that’s okay you can watch whatever gets uploaded to youtube for us gaijin when we can’t understand half of it anyway, not just talking about the language barrier.

In this example you stepped into, again without knowing about the game:

ryan = Kuroda (for all intents and purposes)

PIKACHUAKUMA = DSP, using THawk, in SF4, online


Which means he needs input lag console version to beat/be ranked higher than OhNuki @ the EVOs but I don’t think you’ve gone that far into this rabbit hole

Also, count the # of tatsus to determine if its "shoto spam"
Also, demon flips like that other guy said so we can turn it into the Guiness Beer of world records like Diego got those plaques. He leaves them in an empty box of Tecate and shit


Did he really think 5 year olds are on these boards? LOL way to inhale a ball of ‘literal’

BTW that was already posted (we didn’t care the first time) but nobody posted Kuroda was watching Ryan’s match and went from 4000 WPM to 0 words and Pierrot had to handle saying anything about the match on screen.

not even a sosososo, daisukedo. Kuroda trollin. He’s the master of that too.

Something about gootecks then… there was this guy on cutthroat kitchen who looked like gootecks. Complete with red slacks. Remy style.

“Place your bets” require a bet placement. Its on the board now you can’t take it off or move it around.

Ask me anymore questions for clarification. As I was gambling with not 1 but 2 japanese women last year at EVO. They were betting pretty weird! Stacks of money though.

Yeah, so, you know. “Put your Money where your mouth is.”

& don’t sit there and eat your money behind the computer screen. :confused:

Rage mail episodes, lol. Did my toilet baby comment make it after I beat him?

Don’t respond to that Mitchio_Kakku guy. He is too afraid to post on his real account and made a shitty “troll” account for stupid ass comments. I guess he found his way to the 3S forums…

I’ll play you for 15 bux.

Stipulation is winner has to buy a 30 pack of budlight.

It’s a deal! I’ll be ready.

really??? lol wowzers

You dodged playing me: fact
Several people, including myself, disliked your opinion in that one youtube video: fact

There’s no personal animosity, just those 2 facts alone at the time skewered a distaste for you. We’ve met briefly, and barely communicate, but if I were in NY id hit you up to play 3rd and hang out.

on the other hand, justin beiber, and agumon (ggpo low lifes) are fucking scum. i wouldnt even acknowledge them in person lol
that screenshot is probably from one of the two of them, who try to troll me cause they have nothing better to do with their lives which is unfortunate for all of us ha