EVO 2014. Let's get faded

if its for money then hell yeah play chun, fuck all that noise!

if i go ill play and record it too, just cuz we dont want a rerun of a Fanatiq vs Nemo type business lmao

You got balls to say that man ._. but is it ok if we see you play (like a video)? I’m kinda curious to see what you can do :smiley:

I obviously dont care about 3s enough to spend a crazy amount of money on flights to the other side of the world to see console 3s moneymatches. The fuck out of here with that shit…if somebody has recording equipment just do it.

EVO the 2K14 last year

(my thread was called EVO 2k14)

2 people would have bet a house against JROD. Not a Car.

We were supposed to have the biggest money match ever. Million dollar fighting. :smokin:

who, me?

I remember booking and the reviews said

& knew this was a scumbag hotel, and had the stuff we need, CRT TV, sketchy Japanese arcade elevators (Pherai got his Kuroda on). :smokin: Sunday was also $29. Gangsta.

If you guys are babies there is also a nice hotel right next door. Fridge, kitchen, 2 couches in the room. 3:5 star breakfast when you’re wandering back there at 6 in the morning and need to put stuff in your body after whatever.

The video of JROD losing (nobody remember to who) never means as much as the video of JROD double perfect (nobody remember who he beat).

Why is that? But I suppose you should talk to the person recording to get the video later if this even happens. A video from either party, playing someone else, not playing the person you say you are going to beat,

before they play or so they won’t have to play? “LMAO I CAN BEAT THIS GUY DOUBLE PERFECT I DONT HAVE TO PLAY YOU”

doesn’t mean anything.

Maybe the video at the end of the result means something. Will you watch that video?

So you are asking for videos of Ryan’s double perfects or something? That’s what makes a 3rd Strike player? Or are you asking for the video of their match. For that, please tell JROD to come out and play.

You’ve got balls :slight_smile:

there is also a liquor store in hotel and across the street. :tup:

Denjizz isn’t even close to being a legit player. Heard it from numerous people who played him.

If he actually travelled to Evo instead of playing online then I would gladly show him how bad he is. I wouldn’t even have to use my strongest character so he couldn’t be a crybaby after.

I don’t know Floe. All I know is during the OE release backlash he came frontin like he was some top dawg at 3rd. I don’t mind if he’s a cool guy. I just think he’s horrible at this game.

It’s for fun and excitement.

I never minded jr rod self published videos of him whomping on scrubs until he took videos at Denjin Arcade of random Uriens and Kens losing and then posting it on YouTube as me, Ricky, and Emphy. Lol

He’s got some huge self boner for himself. It’s seriously ridiculous. It would be a fun match.

I don’t know about recording but stream is def out. Don’t think anyone there is up to date with knowing how to do that.

Welsh: you’re on. I don’t even know how to use gill so I’ll probably lose. Lol

Mike Welsh won the instant he clicked on “post comment”

Did he beat me at super arcade? I know I lost to him the last tournament we played at Japan Arcade where Vinny won (JR actually should have beaten Vinny too!)…

How the fuck did we manage to get Pyrolee in here? Haha that’s dope.

denjizz is so online he said “supercade” not ARCADE

freudian slip.

& we can’t offline money match because he plays PS pad and I play Xblox pad. For whoever wins, Mopreme DGAF who still plays Denjin Ryu anyways. :razz:

This has nothing to do with money btw. But I just thought a lot of people wouldn’t understand a challenge for no money. Seems the American scene is driven by money. I don’t care tho.

I challenge anyone to pick ST Akuma against me…

I’m planning to stay a month in California in July.
Don’t know how long you’ll be in the US of A around EVO, Ryan, but I’d like to play a ft2 Oro vs Chun-Li for a drink. (Arcade)

It should be recorded and posted everywhere

Ryan and Dander
despite their arguments and differences Dander and Ryan want the same thing, not to just give in to a future some people think of only online, so get ahead of the curve now and get used to it.

and he admitted just wait til I have extended time in Japan. Not to speak for him but why not have experience playing in Japan too for a better match, and against Chun which he won’t get very often outside of Japan.

nuki asking ryan, why you lose man? sorry everybody gomenasai! nuki laughing with his legendary laugh

dander prob doesn’t get that same thing to happen, not chun of course, but being able to get his own experience is whats up

like denjizz or me talking different after playing offline, imagine dander talking on the forum different after playing a bunch in Japan

I like watching Dander matches
Ryan is the best drunk or late-night-time player so its hard to
remember the matches lol, survivor series, only the strong survive
roll over and go to bed or watch ROM do these combos, big fan of ROM after one of his matches vs justin’s chun was like on the kuroda vs wong level of a beatdown. single perfect I guess it was, so he’s no JROD. Is that what some people want to be, JROD? You can be better than him instantly by not worrying about taunts. Ok, so if Kuroda does more than 3 Q taunts, yeah you get the message.

I’m down, my ticket is already paid for. I’m sure we will inevitably play a bunch of different sets, but I’m down for a character specific (Ken) FT-10 against your Chun.

I’ll throw the same offer out there as Ryan. If you want to MM or play any sets, I’m game.

Dander sux tho and he knows it. He is captain excuse. Lol

I could beat him before I came to Japan.

But it doesn’t matter. He won’t go to Evo :frowning:

Go to Evo Lenin.

Metric: let’s do it!