EVO 2014 Xbox?


what do you guys think, love it, hate it?

what about Blazblue, Guilty Gear, Jo Jos and Aquapazza?


Chris G jizzed in his pants.

That said…

I’m very disappointed. Why Xbox? Killer Instinct? Is that the fucking reason?
SMH… Because if that’s the reason, they have to get Xbox360s as well so they can do SF/MvC… I guess… Whatever, I gave up caring a long time ago.


Well damn…


I’m glad Evo staff put this together without us having to make another “shout till you put it on Xbox” thread. I thin there already was one at one point, but it’s nice that Evo won’t be an all Sony event since SFIV and UMVC3 are both preferred on 360.

Why SFxT, Why Mario Kart DS, why money?

EDIT: Wait…now I get it. I just watched the video. It seems the ENTIRE tournament is going to be on 360. I’ve always liked 360 cuz Marvel runs better and I prefer the Xbox Live online interface to PS3’s and such…but yeah this is…different. This is some 180 shit. Evo has at least strongly catered to Sony since the 2006 days since it was easy for stick modders to put PS1 PCB’s in their custom sticks for tournaments.

Yeah, now I understand. Welp…the next great shit storm since SFxT is among us.


Only the Capcom games need to run on Xbox. Everything else is fine or better on PS3.


It’s been said that Sony exclusive games will stay on Sony.

The rest is money talks most likely.


Exclusives ain’t commonplace like it was a generation ago. Outside of maybe a sequel to Sony All-Stars what fighter will possibly be exclusive to Sony? Evo is going about this the wrong way.


Now I wish they stuck to their guns on the Kinect sensor having to stay on all the time, so then itd read the hundreds of people in the room, and then shut off or make the Evo staff pay $10 per person to see its games be played.


Like I said…the greatest shitstorm. SFIV and UMVC3 players finally get what they want (and KI players a maybe shoe in for Evo).


uh the three games i listed above.


If they can keep KoF 13 on the PS3…I’ll be okay with it.


Fairly certain PS3 is the preferred console for KoF as it is.
I know the two systems run the game 1f apart, though I couldn’t say for sure which is closer to arcade.

Though honestly, I just hope they keep KoF period.


Its the most exciting tournament besides Marvel, they have to.


If KOF doesnt have any really weird changes from PS3, no game breaking glitches, and KOF actually makes it back to Evo in 2014, then why wouldnt be on xbox?


I wonder of the KoF community will favor the PC version of XIII more as it has the Climax changes and playable online.


I hope this doesn’t harm the chances of the new ArcSys games being at Evo.


Wizard has already stated that Evo won’t be Xbox exclusive. If your game has a preferred, or only has, a PS3 port, they can still be considered for headliner games.

Considering how much buzz and hype has been generated from KOF finals for at LEAST the past two years, I’d say KOF13 is a headliner game in this upcoming year, as is SF4 and UMVC3 as always.


How about 2k2 UM rather than KoF XIII this year? Most top Brazilians/Mexicans/Japanese play 2002 hardcore and maybe having 2k2um at Evo would get them to train up on that game and come out (Alot of Japanese already do play UM). Would make for a more hype event I think.

Edit: Most OG 2k2 players are very pleased with the changes in UM and even call the game a masterpiece…


That would be more of a stretch than bringing Melee back. Especially now that you have to fight sponsorship and stuff.


If there’s one thing that concerns me about the use of 360’s it’s what to do about controller converters. I think it’s safe to assume that a lot of people by this point have PS1, PS2, or PS3 sticks. It also seems that most if not all controller converters for the 360 require the use of a wired 360 controller. Will there be one on hand at each station in this case? Will players be allowed to bring their own? Will using these converters be too much of a hassle to allow them at all?