Evo 2015 3s @ Hooters

We’re coming up on that time of the year again. Evo 2015 and per tradition the 3s scumbags will meet at Hooters, and play 3s + leave beer cans everywhere.

This year I plan to bring two CPS3 kits + superguns, with hookups so you can plug whatever USB controller you want into it. It’s not cabinet but maybe the next best thing.

I hope everyone who loves 3s can come. If you have beef with anyone forget it. Let’s all just meet and play 3s and chill. If enough people come we might do a singles or team tourney. Not gonna plan in advance but if there’s enough of us there we can do it. Should be fun.

I’ll post the room number once we’re settled in, here and on 3SJ.

If any of you guys can bring the following I’ll be grateful:
CRTs - this is most important! if we can get 2-3 guys to pledge to bring a CRT you’ll be the heroes for everyone.
Superguns or consoles - Not sure how many but it can’t hurt to bring a setup or two. Last year we had two setups going full time but I think 3-4 would be okay. if it’s just 2 no big deal, but if you can bring a console or you have a supergun then go for it.
If someone wants to bring streaming or recording equipment too that’d be cool. I don’t know if any of us actually have that but in the past people have asked us to record footage so if someone wants to do that, then cool!

I wanna play a bunch of FT10s vs everyone. I think Alaska players can hang with almost anyone in America. If you think I’m crazy come prove me wrong! I wanna play everyone. that’s my challenge to all of you! let’s play.

Please someone find cookeye and bring him so I can avenge my defeat from last year. I can’t sleep at night until I have defeated him.

Who’s down?

I am always down for scumbag 3s.

I was about to make this thread today. Reading my mind all the way up there.

With any luck Manny will still be alive by july.

Who are the top 5-7 big dogs??

I don’t have specific guys in mind. I just mean I think we can hang with most people. I wanna play everyone and see if I’m right! just a friendly challenge to whoever wants to take it :smile:

I’ll put money on any of AK players who go. I got faith in my polar compatriots.

Can’t hang with Cookeye doe, top 5 player indeed B)

@IglooBob If I come I can bring a 3rd board.
I haven’t tested it yet but it should be working.

Never assume the board works. 3s boards might work until you look at them the wrong way, then you start hating capcom a little more

I think you should do some kind of bartering matches with fine Alaskan goods! I want to play for a fur coat or some extravagant shit like that

i’m interested in this. i want to try using my keyboard :smiley:

I might be able to make it to this year’s EVO. Honeymoon pending.

Married? Or did the reference go over my head?

!!! I’ve always wanted some real Baked Alaska…
Yo… Igloo, please bring some of that good Alaskan grass (euphemism incoming) and some dirt.
I couldn’t find an image for the Kablam! sketch where they made some baked Alaska but that… FT5 for that.
I’ll wage some of Chicago’s finest burgers (people say come to Chicago for pizza… F that, get a brat or a burger instead).

We’re from cali… Alaskan grass doesn’t hold so much leverage.
And how would he get it to vegas? That’s messed up dude.

Now i get your name igloo bob… Miss your xbla presence

anyone able to bring CRTs? I think we can count on 1 being at the hotel, so if 2 more people can bring CRTs that would be dope. s-video output on our superguns definitely looks cleaner than composite so if you’ve got s-video input on your CRT that’s a bonus.

some of us were thinking of all going in on a Hooters suite rather than a small hotel room. you guys interested? if we all split the cost it probably won’t be that much. @isotopez and I are thinking of getting a separate room also just so we have a place to go back to and sleep. hooters is pretty cheap so I think a room + splitting a suite won’t be that much.

I’d like to tentatively plan for a singles tourney on friday night and a 3v3 team tourney on saturday night. I figure if you can come up with a pre-made team then you can go with that, otherwise we’ll just do random teams on the spot.

I’ll buy a beer for anyone who can beat ryan in a set.

I’ll Take Dr. Pepper. lol

I won’t be coming to EVO, but I have a friend here who’s coming from Japan. He’s selling Cooperation Cup and 3s related stuff. PM if anybody is interested in meeting up with him! I’m sure he would be interested in this as well! Pretty jealous about the Hooters + 3s combo.

I’ll be a judge at evo, and I’m not sure of my judge schedule. I will be in and out of Hooters because of this event, but I’m not sure what times I can afford. I look forward to some FT10 with the best in the business.

If my keyboard doesn’t work, we can use my laptop to play the emulated version with <2 ms input delay from the two USB ports.

I’ve been told my judge schedule is all day Friday doing USF4 pools. Saturday I’ll be free to do whatever.

So what up? I’ll help chip in for a suite, but I don’t think I will get a room at Hooters this time.

You bastards better fucking drunkenly call me at some point seeing as I’ll be back in my hometown doing work. The Crown Prince of 3rd Strike demands it!