Evo 2015 Could Likely Be Street Fighter IV’s Last Hurrah

Your thoughts and concerns? I was actually pretty excited that now that USFIV is dead, we can finally start seeing side tournaments with edition selects possibly finally being allowed. God I was so bored of seeing something too balanced, too clean, and too weak. Bring out the fuckin’ god tiers of SF4. Vanilla Sagat, Vanilla Rufus, Vanilla Ryu, AE Yun, AE Yang, Super Guile, Super Honda, etc…

I used to be heavily into SF4, now looking at it just drives me to tears of boredom.

EVO 2016 - last SF4 tournament on a major pro scene

After that, the spotlight will be completely shifted to SF5 and SF4 will slowly degrade to sidetourneys and XBL

Completely fine by me. The game has had a good run, but I’m tired of the game now, both as a spectator and as a player.

I wanna see both SFV and USFIV at EVO 2016 just to see Smash fans be hypocrites and get salty about SF having two games. I can already picture it.

“Why does Street Fighter get two games?”
“Guess when you got that Capcom money your games get the spotlight”
“Street Fighter is so overrated, only Tourneyfags like it”
“You gotta have no life in order to take the time needed to learn Street Fighter, that’s why Smash is so much better”

I don’t really care which iteration we’re playing on the big stage, there will always be players who love each game in the series and become diehards of it. The main point is that SF5 retains the same amount of attention SF4 on a competitive level.

But considering the “reign” of SFIV has actually been quite short in comparison to the dark ages pre-2009, I’ve found myself slowly falling out of love with it since AE2012, I welcome the change of title and hope SFV continues to capitalize on the success of it’s predecessor.

But next year I think USFIV is going to take a backseat, and I’m a sceptic on how long Marvel can continue to live on for as one of the “Big 3” which I would currently say is Street Fighter, Marvel, Smash. I also wonder how the Capcom Pro Tour will operate with the release of SFV, will USFIV tournaments still net you points? Will they have 2 different events for both games? Will USFIV be dropped entirely?

I’m okay with that…

All the Johnny come latelies will probably drop SF4 anyway when SF5 comes out. SF4 would get less than 1000 players. Bet it.

I am perfectly ok with this. I love street fighter but I am really disappointed in the direction they took SF4 over the years.

I could see it happening. Depends on how different 4 plays from 5.

Remember both super turbo and 3rd strike were played together for several years. It’s quite possible we’ll see both played at EVO for a bit.

It’s also possible that the EVO staff might not want to run two tournaments that could push 2-3k entrants each.

I think Ultra has two more years of Evo left in it before SFV takes over. I can definitely see this evo being the last for Marvel 3 though.

Can we get Marvel 2 back next year instead?

How can they do this?

We want more HEALING!

Well with Street Fighter V in alongside Ultra, the tournament will still only have 1 Street Fighter game.

I don’t think I understand what the person tried to say with that tweet


Seven years too many in my opinion. Should’ve died the moment it was released.

I couldn’t give less of a fuck if SF4 ‘doesn’t feel like street fighter’, that was probably the best top 8 i’ve seen, does it matter if the game doesn’t play like SF2? It honestly does not make it a worse game, just different. I guess 3rd Strike wasn’t SF either then, I wonder when Capcom will actually release a ‘real’ street fighter game, lol.

Edit: Also did you watch a different grand final to the one I did? It was almost exclusively straight footsies the entire set. Can someone pls give me the proper definition of street fighter, thx.

My thoughts were generally:

“Fuck healing and fuck elena”
“Why is infiltration giving him tons of free meter though?”
“I hope he loses for doing that for no reason now”
“Actually this constant healing is just hilarious now, more pls”
“Whoa counterpick hype!”

Yeah not gonna lie Elena is pantsu on head retarded but it did get to a point last night where it just became funny. Anyway, I would not mind at all if this was the last EVO SF4 appeared at because SF5 is shaping up very nicely, even though this year’s top 8 was the most enjoyable yet for me, the game has had a long run. I could go for one more year but I really doubt it will happen.

The point is that SF2, SFA/2/3, SF3:3S footsies are very different from SFIV footies. And take note that the post was by Maj, the guy who wrote the Footsies Handbook. Alot of this has to do with how different the mid-range game is in 4 compared to how it is in 2, Alpha, 3 and even 5. 4 has alot of stuff that shuts down, or changes how mid range footsies (or just footsies in general, since traditionally, mid-range is where they happened). I mean, just compare traditional Chun to how she’s played in 4, previous games like A2 and 3S had her very much about bullying her opponent with strong pokes like low forward or back fierce. Even rushing down with her involved alot of staying just outside her low forward range and just using that poke (plus other good pokes) to bully her opponent.

I just finished watching Evo’s USF tourney. And maaaan… it was fresh. Pools were cool. I wanted Daigo to take it all the way, but hey. Top 8 was on some WM type craziness, especially during Grand Finals lol smh.

But is this it for IV? I don’t know. Like the others who commented, I see it fading to the back. It’ll be sad to see it go, in my opinion, but we all have to move on sometime right?

I mean the Elena crouch kicks, am I right?

All in all, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…,