EVO 2016 3rd Strike Xbox 360 Tournament


Capsule Entertainment is back for our 2nd “Street Fighter III 3rd Strike OE” tournament at EVO Championship Series! The tournament will be held on Friday July 15th 2016.
On-site sign-ups will take place from the time EVO doors open up that morning until 12:00pm when the matches begin.

This time around we will trying to host the tournament on the CRT TV’s in the EVO BYOC section usually provided by the EVO staff instead of our Asus VH236H monitors.
However, in the case we are unable to use those TVs we will be forced to use our Asus VH236H low input lag monitors.
We will be recording matches and uploading them on our youtube channel like before but our recording equipment has since been upgraded!
Vids should look even better than our previous EVO tournament~

As an old school 3S player I know nothing is as good as playing on the CPSIII version and hardware. This however is impractical for us for many reasons, so we have decided not to go with that format for this tournament.
The Xbox 360 version of SFIII 3S:OE will be used instead, so make sure you have an Xbox360 compatible stick or controller since we will not be providing any for this tournament.
Please bring your own controllers if you wish to compete!

This time around we are providing online pre-registration via the Godlike Combo Tournament Software & app. You can also just use the browser registration webpage. Links to both can be found below.
Please download the IOS/Android app as it will be extremely useful during your tournament experience for this event.
From the app you can pay for tournament fees by credit/debit card if you wish, check the brackets and receive a push notification on your phone when your match is being called if need!

For those interested have a safe trip and we’ll see you in Las Vegas!!


Evolution “EVO” Championship Series 2016

Las Vegas Convention Center
3150 Paradise Rd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109


STREET FIGHTER III 3rd Strike : Online Edition (Xbox 360)


  • $5 Capsule Entertainment Equipment Cover Charge (Required)

  • $10 Tournament Entry Fee (Cash Prize Pot)
    (This will be split between the top 3 placers for a cash prize)

Pre-Register web links below:

Godlike Combo Tournament Software Mobile App

Web Browser Registration Page:

[ TIME ]

  • On-site Signups 10am - 12pm
  • Tournament Matches begin roughly around 12pm
  • We will try to finish the entire tournament Friday but if need we will continue Saturday.


1st place = 60% of Cash Prize Pot
2nd place = 25% of Cash Prize Pot
3rd place = 15% of Cash Prize Pot


No live stream planned at the moment, however is possible.
Tournament matches will be uploaded @ https://www.youtube.com/CPSfour


  • Microsoft Xbox 360 consoles
  • EVO BYOC CRT TVs or Asus VH236H Monitors