Evo 2016 Capcom Panel updates?


Anyone have any updates from what is being said at the Capcom Panel right now?


Bison SF2 stage
Classic costumes for everyone.
CPT package that includes colors for all 22 characters, 3 costumes (Chun, Cammy, and mystery third), and new CPT inspired stage called Ring of Destiny.
Game update not until after CPT ends.


Lots of screenshots here:


Is the panel over (in other words, is that everything)?

I wonder why they picked Bison’s stage over Ryu’s or what I would assume are more popular stages. Still, very cool.
Did they give a timeline on the release of any of this?

Also, what does “Game update not until after CPT ends.” mean?


They’re making sure that the game is steady for the entirety of the year. So they aren’t going to do any balance patches until they’re done with Capcom Cup.

24.99 for a stage and some costumes. Season pass still ass.


According to a pic in fubarduck’s Twitter stream, the bundle pack is exclusive to PS4.
Does that mean that none of the content will be available on PC at all or just that the bundle pack / reduced price is PS4 exclusive (but PC players can still buy everything separately)?
Also, Alex’s classic costume looks awesome. That’s probably the biggest win for me.

And yeah, it makes sense not to do any balance patches until the end of the year/CPT.
That should just be something that Capcom establishes every year going forward. It’s not cool to make a bunch of balance changes in the middle of the CPT when everyone is used to the way things are.


Also, was there anything about making it easier to acquire colors for characters?


They probably chose it is that it is unique, scenic, and colorful. A good opportunity to show off the engine. Ryu’s stage is already similar to the Kanzuki Estate. There is also no Thailand stage in SF5 right now and we have US, Japan, Russia, India and China (all SF2).

Bison’s stage is also quite popular and well known (it’s THE final stage after all). Let’s just hope the stage music is as epic as the original (with dem bells).


Good points. Totally down with the stage as well (just about all of the SFII stages are epic), but I think I would have preferred Sagat’s stage for a Thailand stage (although maybe they’re saving that one for a release with Sagat himself).
As long as we get the grassy lightning field at night someday, I’m happy. And really, Dictator’s stage redesign and the Ring of Destiny stage both seem pretty cool. Also, I imagine that for Capcom, stages and alternate costumes are a lot easier and quicker to pump out than new characters, so I can see why they’re tempted to make a lot of those ASAP to increase DLC sales, which is where they will see a majority of their profits with SFV. I can only imagine how much more I’ll end up spending on the DLC for the game than the actual game itself by the end of all this.


I’m a bigger fan of Sagat’s (with dat statue). It could be a way to pay a tribute to him.


Same, but Sagat isn’t in SF5. Bison’s makes more sense.


isn’t there supposed to be a surprised at the end of grand finals?


Unfortunately I have to miss evo this year. But I would be surprised if there wasn’t another “announcement” during grand finals. Capcom will do a quick run down of this package and then announce something new. Because if a company wants to get a message out you do it in front of as big a crowd as you can. The tiny amount of people they can fit into the panel rooms doesn’t have anywhere near the same impact as everyone watching grand finals on the main stage and on stream.


Is there a transcript of the Q&A session somewhere?

There are more “big” announcements after the finals apparently.


I just wish we hadn’t gotten such a non-answer regarding input delay.


I thought it was very clear.

Even if they wanted to address input delay, they cannot until the end of the CPT season because of the potential ramifications it will have on character balance. This was their answer.


Any word on them fixing some of the character models like Alex, Birdie and Ken???


How sick would it have been to have an EVO stage. The lighted EVO symbol up top. A crowd of evo goers in the background reacting and screaming “OHHHHH!!!” during a throw or hard knockdown. Commentators in the background corner. 3 projection screens showing the live battle…


Any announcement at the end of Grand Finals short of S2 coming soon or a bonus character to S1 will be a disappointment.


Tbh as much i love Bison stage, i feel in priorities they should have try to give a SF2 stage to some world warrior that currently don’t have one

Who kinda have one
Ryu- they should just give alt version of Kanzuki’s. Also day version of Kanzuki’s fit well him and got a SF3 vibe
Chun- China
Cammy- kinda… i see London station more as Birdie’s
Gief- Russia stage FTW
Guile- Guile stage FTW
Rog- Rog stage
Dhalsim- got India
Bison- got Shadaloo base with statues and world + possible alt shadaloo stages seen in cinematic

Imho the WWrs that need more a stage remake as now are Claw and Ken, also if i will welcome Cammy’s castle

But Claw above all, dude did’nt got a stage in SF4 neither

ps: agree that Sagat stage is going to be day1 with Sagat dlc, not before not after