EVO 2016 Room Space/Splitting

So, pretty much long story short is my efforts over the past few months to try and secure a hotel room for EVO this year (which is actually my first year going, and my first time in Vegas at all) have all wound up failing, and I’m kind of getting desperate. Normally I’d be like “I’d prefer people who don’t drink a lot/party until 5am” or whatever, but I’m at the point where I’d sleep between 2 table chairs, or even take some cushions and sleep on the bathroom floor of the room. Pretty much, I’d be in need of somewhere as many days from the Thursday to Sunday night of (as I’d be planning to get in from Canada Thursday, and head back Monday morning) that week as I can with just about anyone that would actually have room or is in need of people to share with. So, anybody that would be interested, or is in need of another person to room split with, let me know either in here, or via a Private Message.

Just made an acct looking for someone to split rooms with. I’m from San Jose and I already booked a room at Westgate a while back. In was supposed to go with 4 people but everyone they all backed out recently. Might have another friend tag along, but its not certain yet. It’s gonna be my first time at Vegas as well as my first major, and I’m so excited. Sucks that the people i originally planned to go with bailed. I also bought their Grand Finals tickets as well, so i need to get rid of those or sell. Message me and we can talk more