EVO 2016 Twitch Unsubscription button disappeared



I can’t see the unsubscribtion under settings > abonnements after evo has ended.

Anyone else have the same problem and know how to unsubscribe the channel? I hope I dont need to charge every month now until next evo lol.


“Abonnements” sounds like some sort of African reparations. Not reparations given to Africans, but reparations that Africans give to people who have many suffered losses due to Mandingo warrior fierceness.

Many abonnements, friend.



nice avatar


The evo channel subscription is a one-time payment iirc (if it was the $12 one).


Yeah, it was that one. I already contacted the support. They canceled it.

Thanks anyways :slight_smile:


Did you meet Razor the Hedgehog at EVO?!

somebody get the “You’re here forever” signs. :tup: