EVO 2017 supergun setup


(I’m aware 3rd Strike Junkies FB group is more active, but I’m not in the group and I barely use FB, feel free to repost there if you wish)

If there is interest, I can bring my supergun setup to EVO. This would be a TV+board+supergun, not in a cab.

The only drawback is I do not have usb converters for a personal controller/stick. I will provide two sticks that are wired to work with the setup though, Sanwa sticks and buttons.


I know this post isn’t getting much love (probably cause nobody has seen it), but I would appreciate your supergun at evo. Definitely want to get some 3s in while I’m there!



Thanks, I did post it on 3S Junkies. There are some interested people, and someone is even willing to run a bracket.


Check out 3S Junkies FB for side-tourney info


when the fuck is this tourney btw

I thought it was last week bt I’m reading everything like I still got time. Should I show up and own you guys/get owned?


One crt/supergun/cps3 setup w/ two pre-wired sticks that everyone used.

36 entrants, $10 entry

Started at 5:35pm, 5hrs 6mins run time

Links and such posted in a week or so


Pre-wired? Wtf?


Yep, get on 3S Junkies or Noho Dojo on Facebook, pics are up.

Sticks were wired up to directly interface with the Supergun. No PCBs, no buttons checks, no time wasted, no lag


Thanks this was really fun!


Link to Top 8, recorded on phone, it was the best we could do given the options