EVO 2K10 Grand Finals: Beauty and The Beast!




such a good name


Thats what i was going to say pretty ricky and Daigo the beast im just upset the stream went down


It was a nice couple of rounds before the stream was killed.


i thought this thread is about the female ssf4 final -_-


Disney would have never made the movie if the story was based on the EVO version…too much rape.


Infiltration VS Daigo would have been much more exciting.


GamerBee vs Daigo would have been even better.

Adam Sellser would be like “Wait, there’s TWO Daigos?”


agreed, infiltration was much more technical, ricky is more grounded in fundamentals.

And daigo probably seen millions of Rufus, so it was easy for him.


Can’t Really say much about it because the stream turned off on the last match…


Was so pissed when the stream went down, hope the vids get posted soon.


Stream failed shortly after I posted and I was just now able to get on SRK again :frowning:

AND I didn’t win the golden stick.

They got the name of the event wrong this year I guess, this should’ve been called Devastation.


alright play nice now


Yeah, I didn’t know Awesome Kong played SSF4.


Can’t… breathe…


Ricky was being way too risky leading up to the Daigo match and had me seriously doubting his chances.

Then he calmed down and starting doing exactly what he needed to do when he started mixing up Daigo. Then his old habits kicked in and he stopped playing the smart reactionary game and went back to being balls to the wall aggressive and Daigo punished him for it by taking the gold.

Mike Ross lost the same way Ricky did. They were both getting anti-aired left and right.

Ricky was doing it right but, he didn’t stick to the tactic that was working. He pressed his luck a little too hard.


zzzz… like there aren’t a bunch of akumas out there either.