Evo 2k10

Where will you be?

At home watching Orikasa fuck shit up.

What the fuck?!

I’m participating this year. Hoping to finally meet some of the Chunners here.

Won’t be attending :sad:, sigh gotta get my life on track again.

watching an incredibly choppy stream hopefuly.

i better see some chuns this year!

I’m going this year, it should be a fun show to watch even if I 0-2.

I’ll be there.
Not looking forward to the pools.
Very much looking forward to the spectacle.

I’ll be there. :tup:
Chun for the tournament. Unless I magically get hella better with Guy.

Need some more Chun mirror match practice though.

Where are you NERD!?

Home watching because I just spent 3600$ fixing my car. Fucked up my engine the day before I was gonna make arrangements to go to EVO. I hate my luck

locked in grim & furious battle for internet points

I’ll be there, trying to claw my way out of the pool.

I just plan on getting a lot of awesome casuals, selling my new board, and in general having fun in vegas :rofl:

I’m not an avid poster on these boards, avid reader though, but I’ll be at Evo Chunning it up in pool G! I’d love to see other people’s Chun’s in action.

I’ll be playing in pool L.

Hopefully I’ll know the Viper match-up by then.

Participating in pool H =D
My goal is to win at least one match before getting knocked out xD

imma be there watching and trying to find pro players and buy them drinks in exchange for matches (hint: if they get drunk enough I might win a round or two)

the only problem is trying to find the pros at a scrubby tourney like evo.

(i’m just kidding about that last part)

Anyone know if One Handed Terror will be bringing Chun back out for EVO or is he sticking with Dudley?

I hope he rolls with Chunners, but I like his Dudley as well.

I will be wandering around root for all the chuns

I’m gonna be at home playing tales of vesperia and trolling dae