Evo 2K11 Cammy Pools

So where all the cammy players at this year?

I’m in pool 83.

good luck man ill cheer for you

Pool 60 here.


pool 79!!! i’ll be lucky if i win even one round =D

Good luck girl! im cheering for you most of all

Pool 81. Only 1 other killer listed so far.

When I do a random ultra it’ll be dedicated to you!

5 Cammys vs the world lol we are so screwed lol. MarlinPie is in there but i think he’s going to bust out his viper more than his cammy.

Don’t forget James!

Pool 73

I get to fight Kayo Police. Fuck Viper :frowning:

Indeed fuck viper lol

I’m in 44

listed perfectlegend

grr akuma

good luck to all of you guys!!! ill be cheering in front of my tv in europe!

so we all meeting up thursday to discuss matchups?? lol

hey buns I caught some of your replays last night on the new replays channel. The C+ Gief that got you was using mad turbo. Your really good =)

lol yeah i knew he was. i think was at like 4000pp like 3 days ago. but late shifts cause me to play drunken games… lol im down to like 3k… hahha

thanks for the compliment :slight_smile:

pool 50. i will get exposed. ShadyK in my pool. man! :tdown:

at the Rio. hit me up if you wanna play casuals and practice. damn my ps3 broke yellow light of death.

I’m just going to hang out. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to watch bunsomite play… AND STEAL EVERYTHING <3 <3

Good luck to you all, Cammy is my forever main.