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Hell,I want an EVO boxset. lol

I think Wiz has given the final ‘no’ on physical media before. However…

I’d buy a year of premium for access to digital copies. Seriously.

What’s a DVD?

Do want

Digital all the way. No need for physical media in today’s world. DVD’s are so 2002.

I want All of the previous Evo’s on digital Download to be downloaded that were on DVD in the past.

If they do sell Evo 2011 they better do all of the matches and not just highlights.

also after this

My only gripe with the Youtube distribution is that it’s a little hard for me to tell what order the that the matches should be played in. Unless they’re already listed in order and I just didn’t realize. It’d be nice if they found some way to organize it so that the match order was very clear. That’s what I miss about the DVDs. Youtube playlists might help.

i sometimes dont have net connection so i cant access videos online, so being able to bust out a dvd to watch with friends over is great. rather then all of us trying to huddle around a computer

Digital, physical, either is good. I reckon EVO is well worth storing for me to see and to show my friends, and EVO 2011 deserves to be on display in a museum.

They are. Buy prem.

where do i go for this? can i get link and info on the 2k site it doesn’t show much.

Buy Prem.

Premium on SRK or Evo2K it doesn’t show on evo2k site to buy premium.


There’s a premium members thread containing all the ISO’s for downloading all the old EVO’s that were on DVD.

Are ISOs DVD files? Also, can I sign up for just 1 month of premium? Or do I have sign-up for a longer subscription to get the digital files? BTW, does the premium thread have the EVo 2010 matches? I never got to see the videos of it. Any info on this stuff would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

EDIT: Is there an FAQ page that explains what you get for becoming a premium member? On my account upgrade page, I don’t see anything about exclusive video files.

You get access to a ‘premium members only’ forum that contains them.

Cool. Thanks for the info. I really appreciate it. Thanks.