Evo 2k11 recorded stream day 1

Anyone know where I can re-watch the stream from day 1 (AE pools).

I know some of the matches will be up on youtube, but I want to watch them in order as the action unfolded on the day (including commentary between matches etc.)

If the stream archive is not available, can someone explain why?

i was hoping for this too… i missed all the on screen pool play AE action… and some of the top 32 in AE

:lol: I’m looking for my match against El Cubano Loco on stream (Batman77 vs El Cubano Loco). Was in pool 58. Anyone know where I can find it or some leads to where I can find it? :frowning:

If you’re requesting the whole stream footage for the entire day, you do realize the size of an archived video file with so many hours of footage would be astronomical, right? It would probably be somewhere in the 1TB range.

sup batman77! (was your judge btw)

let me know if you find some… i missed out on almost all of day 1 stuff because of either playing or judging.

@ isamu

There are stream archives of almost ALL fighting game tournaments—usually available through ustream/twitch/justin etc.

Here’s a recent example: http://www.twitch.tv/leveluplive/b/290353679?id=290353679&channel=leveluplive

It a stream archive of the ENTIRE west coast Sin City Tournament—that’s hours and hours of original footage. So why should there be a problem with a similar stream archive for EVO when so many others have them (Relevalations, NCR etc. etc.)?

Another example: CEO was a major tournament also stream by Spooky. I was away that weekend and missed it but I later watched the ENTIRE stream archive at my own leisure—20+ hours of footage.

Why can’t we do this with the evo footage?