Evo 2K11 Roll Call - Vengeance for Evo's Golden Assassin (Thanks Tatsu!)

Ok, I know what you’re thinking: Why’s this guy making a thread regarding 2K11 on the morning of perhaps the most highly anticipated final day of all time in Evo’s short but epic history.

I’ll tell you why in one word:


His performance at this year’s Evo has me more hyped for Street Fighter than ever (Ranking approx. 20th at Evo). Perhaps the performance wasn’t Daigo going parry crazy on Wong but the inspiration as a fellow Vega that I felt with every round he won at this grand event is head and shoulders above any sick combo video by Maj, any new flashy ultra and any epic win from Freaky Ortiz.

There’s something special about seeing our masked narcisisst succeed at high level play.

So with that being said; I’m going to Evo next year. How about you?

That’s my plan, chief!

I’ll be there. I plan to make the top 32; on a serious note.

It is my goal…will be a first timer but it’s something im serious about. End of the summer should see some more serious training on my part.

Hope I can do it :slight_smile:

I’ll be at evo next year even if I have to walk…as long as they don’t pull a fast one and move it out of America.
Not much for swimming, sharks freak me out.

Raises hand with glee here!!!

Though on a serious note, I would probably never go unless I just happen to be visiting Vegas or something and time the trip at the same time as a tournament.

I plan to be there. Obviously it’s a long way off at this point, so I don’t have any plans finalized yet, but I can say I will do everything I can to make it there.

Nothing final yet, but I’m also planning to pull this one out.
I owe Eternal Blaze a match in person and a glomp to Inverse so I’m going to try my best.

ill be there

Maybe; too soon to tell. Got a lot of factors to be considered.

Does anyone know why Makoto didn’t go? I’d be willing to donate some cash to the “Makoto to Evo” charity if others would wanna help.

I only saw Tatsu vs. Online Tony, but am I really the only one that was not impressed with his play? =\ if anything watching that game made me want to go next year simply because I feel like I could do better than that.

…you wouldnt have won against tony. the way tatsu spaced himself throught the match is what let him win. that and the fact that he abused kkk flip knowing that tony wasnt doing anything about it. the one i was dissapointed with was tatsu vs neo. that one made me say come on. but i doubt you would do better. i really doubt that.

Are there more videos on YouTube or something or did you just see them on the live stream?

You can try and be aggressive against a pro Seth all you want. You’ll get perfected easily. Tatsu played the match like he had to, you can’t go into every match guns blazing and start trying to get flashy. Especially against the best Seth player in the US (Online Tony).

I’m not saying rush down, but almost every game I’ve seen of Tatsu’s he hops around way too much, he took a lot of unnecessary damage because of it.

naw, tony is the best seth in the world. all of seths tricks he pretty much pioneered.

Actually, poongko and arturo were the first ones that showed how powerful seth can be with his rushdown and tricks.

Yeah I’m headed out to Evo next year. Should be a blast.

Poongko is a combo/link genius, so that doesn’t suprise me. Seth has Sim’s long limbs with crounching and jumping fierce, so that’s why Arturo ran to him. He probably thought “rushdown character with sim pokes? BOY OH BOY!!!”

Lol jk, but Tony had the guts to stick with Seth. I’m not sure who pioneered the tricks and what not, but Tony is #1.