Evo 2k11 roll call


Me and Keninblack are in there

Whos’s hittin the roulette tables with your boy at Evo this year?


r u here now???


good luck to everyone competing in the 2v2.


I’m leaving tomorrow from the UK.I’m gonna stop off once for a night before I reach the Rio in Vegas, thursday afternoon.

Can you PM me your number Hold Dat? I cant guarantee I’m gonna have time to play with you guys as I’m entering Marvel 3 (AE too, but its not my main focus) and want to do well in it.This is my first EVO too so I dunno how hectic things get and how much time I’m gonna have just for 3s. I’m sure there’ll be some time on Friday or something though seeing as my AE pool is at 8am.


Game on. See you guys there!


Are we teaming for the side tournament mah dude?

Yep I will be there, looking for 3s casuals can’t wait! Hope to see all of you 3s players! :slight_smile:


side tourney? word?

we in there homie.


I like it. Yeah its 20 bucks per player so 40 a team. Friday 5pm I believe.

Can’t wait man hype! TEAM EAST COAST!


Whoa good luck to you guys! DESTROY EVERYONE.


Fuck, I still need a teammate for that Focus Fire side tourney… provided I remember to enter. Might be too drunk from the night before. And yes, I said drunk. Meaning I’ll still be drunk the following day.


40 bucks for a 2v2 side tourney is WACK


and its console


At least make it over $100…I’d love to be there but I’m stuck in Houston on business…

Have fun everyone.


I agree, but whatever 3s happened so I am entering.

Who knows they might change the price that day. Either way me and Hold Dat could be getting some good money if we do well! :slight_smile:


have fun in vegas guys! rep that 3s!


Yo anyone want a partner for the 2v2?

I play the following people: Ken, Ryu(denjin), Alex and Hugo(gigas).
Also, is it possible to hit confirm cl.mk into boomerang raid on console?
It’s been a long time since I’ve actually played 3s on a console.

Look forward to trying out 3SOE for first time.


bolt: I assume you’re speaking of close forward kick with Alex. Yes. You can still do it on console. Console is only 97-98% of arcade perfection.


is there any big name in the 3.3 EVO tournament this year?




is there gonna be a designated 3s room? probably gonna come thru after all. hold dat pm me dawg.