EVO 2K12 Game Lineup

I dont like that BB is not a main game. why is SFXT a main game… they did great wit kof and i dont think SC should be a main game also… whats yall thoughts?


Anyone who disagrees that BB shouldn’t be at EVO needs to read this… TL: DR version as to why SFxT is in while BB isn’t is because SFxT players are guaranteed to turn out to support tourneys while BB players aren’t.

i really wanted BB to be a main game…

cant please everyone. something is always going to give. but damn all the crying and bitching after a game gets dropped or not picked is highly annoying. what makes it incredibly worse is that those who cry about it feels like the folks at EVO owe them the world. so sick seeing lines like … “no (insert game here) ? i am dissapoint” ; “no (insert game here) makes me a sad panda”, "f*ck you EVO for not including (insert game here) " , “(insert game here) ?? WTF ?” , “no (insert game here)? im not going to compete then” , “EVO will be boring without (insert game here)” …
really nothing more needs to be said other than this is definitely going to be another exciting year for fighting games with tournaments such as EVO, SBO, SS, etc