EVO 2K12 Spoilers


Hi, I just wanted to voice my disappointment in the way you’ve handled writing articles on the results. I’m from the UK, I couldn’t stay up till 5am to watch the AE finals because I have to go into work at 6. Last thing I expected was to have the winners name and photo plastered on the front page of the site.

Such shame because I haven’t had this much fun watching EVO, I was so looking forward to the finals



Why would you visit fighting game news website before watching the archives of a tournament that you missed?


Yeh I get what you are saying, “well duh”

But, SRK is actually my homepage for my browser, and I came here looking for the replay footage. I’ve avoided Youtube and Facebook because people will just post spoilers in the comments (sometimes intentionally lol).

If the title for the article was worded differently. E.g EVO2k12 Winner Is… then I would have stopped reading and saved myself from the spoiler.