Evo 2k13 - Official Tournament Monitor/Equipment Thread


I just wanted to make a quick post to see what this year’s (2013) equipment will be used. Obviously the titles are all PS3, but this topic is so that everyone can get confirmation on what the official monitor being used this year will be, as well as any splitters for headphones so that all of us can know what to expect when we get into our pools.

I know that the monitors used in the past have been the ASUS Vh236H model, but I have also seen a newer model ASUS being used at some of the Street Fighter 25th Qualifier events earlier last year which I believe also had tags on them claiming that they were the new official EVO monitors.

If we could please get an official posting back from an EVO member, this would help a lot, and I also think that the monitor that is used throughout the tournament should be mentioned somewhere on the evo2k.com site.


The official monitor of Evo is the ASUS VH236H.

Asus did not ask us to put our name on their promotional material. Our name was misrepresented on a product that we don’t use and has proven to be laggy. Please only use the VH236H, the one that is officially used by Evo.

and Now MrWizard in 2014 whats the Evo Monitor?

It hasn’t changed.

Where can we buy one because neweggs is out of stock as well as bestbuy…if not possible to buy an asus vh236h then what would you recommend for as product that is just as good giving the same results as the vh236h model

Which monitor will be used in the 8th gen FG of Evo tournaments?

Benq RL2460HT