Evo 2k4 Intro music thread

Just opening up a new thread for your suggestions on intro musics. Last year’s intro music idea was great and I certainly hope they do it again this year.

Let’s hear some suggestions!!!

Suggestions on intro music? Well I think each person gets to pick their own intro music. I just hope that the Fierce Clash SNK tourny has it as well then maybe i’ll get a shot :stuck_out_tongue: . Also if I got to have one it would have to be Number 1 Stunna or an Indian song. Hindu Pride bitch :cool: . Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

its a shame they don’t show this on the DVD’s like SBO does.

“i’m so excited, and i just can’t hide it, and I know I know I know I know I know I want you”

The Undertaker’s theme music here…

Well I always have Undertaker’s music… but the theme itself varies now and then, but he’s back to old school now, so you won’t hear much Rollin’ around me anymore :slight_smile:

Rehan (Dead Man Inc.)

I suggest if any defensive player makes it to the final 8, they use the theme song to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

word is that only top 6 or 4 will have intro musics this year because of time constraints. I think if your song isnt available they pick one for you.

if anyone from MD makes it, its baltimore club music all the way. you guys just dont know…

You mean Justin W?

that’s gotta be bullshit.

one of the reasons evo made the transition from arcade->console was to eliminate most of those time constraints and add more “fun factor” to the event.

Linkin Park- Faint

Eye of the tiger

Lose Yourself - eminem

Fight music - d12

Rocky theme

Its all about the theme from The Last Dragon :smiley:

hmm intro music
if i could make final 8
heres my choices:

temper d and k fire - peace out yall
keaton - the plague (trace remix)
raiden - infection ( e-sassin VIP)
resonant evil - troubleshoot
dom and kemal - moulin rouge (dieselboy remix)

ricky’s music… “UPTOWN GIRL”:lol:

d12 - shit on you…
without a doubt will be thee song to be playing.
I hope team wc vs. wc has an intro like last year, man that shit was fire, tragic always holding it down…
also intro music would be dope…