EVO 2k4 update


Hi, here’s a quick update regarding this year’s tournament.

**Time and location: ** Our first choice is Pomona, July 22 - 25. If this conflicts with some big gaming expo/con, PLEASE LET US KNOW ASAP. The last two years Evo has been on the same date as big anime cons, and we don’t want to conflict yet again this year.

**Games: ** We’re almost certainly keeping all the games from last year. ST may be replaced with the AE edition. We’re still ironing out the wrinkles for SSBM, but that looks like a go too.


OH yeah. Can’t waite till this shit happens. I totally agree with the location agian. It worked out so well last year.


Ink: what gaming/anime events are goin to be around during that period of time in the summer?


Evo > anime conventions.
Anime conventions should work around evo’s date if anything…


Nice SSBM is finnaly getting up there with the big dawgs =D


This time location is perfect, for me anyways :smiley:


Well everything sounds good to me, time to turn on the beast juice… I wouldn’t be suprised if SSBM got the biggest turnout.


sounds good
please confirm so us international people can take advantage of cheap air fares


fuuuuuuuuuuck yes… this is gonna be the shit, once again =D

And please let us know when everything is set in concrete, so our out-of-town friends can start planning and take advantage on cheap flights. gg srk.




Will Tekken finals be 4/7 instead of 3/5 this time?



Confirmation ASAP please.

My ride almost got fired for not calling it off early enough last time (& he did it pretty early).


Perfect! I can’t wait for the summer and watching the SSBM maddness in person on the huge ass projection screen they’ll have.


nice!:cool: :smiley: :slight_smile: :evil:


Hello! I’ve waited here for you everlong.




If I can’t get no confirmation here, people are gonna start loosin 'em.


FC, one of the two big ssbm tournies this summer is on july 9th and 10th, so that bullet has been dodged. the other one’s date is being planned around evo I think, so all is well there.



if im not mistaken…
this date for evo conflicts with comiccon

i think comiccon is from july 23 to the 25 or 26

one of those…very bad indeed but ill look into it again


ok my bad

its the 22 to 25

it ENTIRELY conflicts with ComicCon

that blows but id still rather go to evo