EVO 2K5 (DVD's)

Yo. This post is kinda wordy so bare with me. I want some info on how can I get these. They were released in a DL form some time ago correct? Well, I don’t know how to do any of that technical stuff in terms of creating a DVD from scratch from straight data or whatever. Neither do I have the HD space on my family computer so I’ll get down to the reason for this thread, I’d like sometime in the future when I can get some cash to get 1-3 of these. But it needed a donation to get you in the clear so to speak. What I’m proposing is this, if any people (admin, higher up here) happen to see this, is there a person I can donate to so they can make these for me? Just name a suitable amount and I’ll tell you what ones I want. Again, this will be some time in the future cuz of a money pinch. But if you happen to have info, send details via PM if you happen to know who can I donate to and who can have these made. Any helpful details would be thankful.