Evo 2k5 hotel casuals


These are matches I recorded, so blame me when it gets shaky sometimes. For some reason when i capped em the sound wouldn’t cap; I don’t know why so I just threw some some songs behind em this is my first time doing this kind of thing so be kind please:karate:

since evo i’ve invested in a tripod so next time i won’t miss so many dope matches nitto was in there for aboutr 2 hours but my cam wasn’t charged yet next time just hook it up to the charger 24/7

but wait theres another link http://www.wedanicest.com/spr0cter/evo%20footage/

thanks to kai_ and fernboi the pad warrior for hooking up hosting

pooor jalbert …

Good Matches, thanks alot Tru-Tech.

dang, i didn t know those were being recorded

true- you don t have any of your own matches? TRIPOD!!1

you should of took some casuals from the hall, those are ehhh, end of day matches

yeah, thanks for the linkage… they’re really nice with the sound turned down. :stuck_out_tongue:

no :frowning: well i do have the match where me and sam played 1 game for yellow yun i just gotta find it

yea tripod for real now i can’t brag about beating mov’s chun NO WAIT YES I CAN I BEAT MOV’S CHUN YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA naw for real it was a fluke cause he beasted me the rest of the night

Is that all the matches with MOV? I still want to see the one where I win a round with necro.

Oh, and did you decide on a new yun color? :stuck_out_tongue: Meh, you can have yellow yun. Yun sucks anyways!

video people can someone help me out windows movie maker wont’ cap the sound virtual dub will but its off sync and premiere pro won’t even detect dazzle i wanted to have bg noise but so far its not gonna happen

sam i’m playing nitto colors

btw i missed your match where you got a round with necro

Damn, oh well.

i got like the last half of it but you dont see how you got the round :frowning:

Are they all Chun/Yun/Ken matches? Just curious. :confused:

um theres some urien some mak some necro some alex some duds some yang

good shit tech i like the tracks man… mov is naastty and ko nice yang man, bacardi’s 12 actually did better than i thought twelve would do lol

Tell me what you guys think of my ghetto ass necro.

Nice Videos. What song is that in the beginning of every video? Kofiends yang = beast.

Yeah, what’s the song in the file MOV vs KOfiend 1-2.
btw nice Yang man.

pretty good, I liked the match Necro vs arlieth’s Makoto. Lot’s of ground crossups and juggles.

Thanks for uploading these True

was kofiend the asian guy with the modded blue hrap? casue yeah his yang is good.

ehhh, i played like shit 3/4 that weekend, a smart player would of got 6 hours of sleep every night.

lol, in one of the vids, i do UOH like 3 times in a row, i suck

late at night random is ur friend lol. but yeah fat nice necro u play way safe and stay aggressive and smart. u hit like almost all ur cancels really consistently. good shit.