EVO 2K5 Money Match Thread

Bet It!1

I play you for a nickle


your on!!!

also, i wanna play True_Tech for dollar matches, first to 10, i can t stand your ass~~
bet it

judging from your avatar, i’m assuming you’re taking money matches in 3s correct? If so, I’m down for matches against you KOfiend. Anyone else?

if you wanna play for money, we ll play for money, but this isn t a “chellenge me” thread, chellenge whoever

yeahyeah, I just noticed title reads “money match thread”, and not “my money match thread” or some other shit like that. So yeah, i’ll play your for money.

I thought it was a challenge me thread too. :xeye:

…In that case, You(kofiend)/me, 2/3 for $1 per match, FRIENDLY MATCH FOR FUN? :karate:

Edit: $1 per match because I think I’m poor…You know, with EVO total prices and all.
It’s for FUN ANYWAY.

i’m down kofiend i’ll be hitting everyone i plan on meeting at evo with my cell number sometime soon
is this a friendly grudge match or a i hate you grudge match

edit:i would just like to say i’m glad i’m on your mind

Emphy- sure thing boss, i ve heard only good things about your urien and ken. also, i understand, we re all gonna be tight on cash.

True_Tech- hatorade!!!

emphy-2/3 for 5?
kofiend-2/3 for 10?
anyone else? I play a scrubby ken if that helps!

2/3 for 5

if I can, I go to the EVO I wanna see and meet all of you guys!! jajajaj but I’m to poor to play for money, maybe just for fun!!!

i got true tech 2/3 for 10 if i go because i hate you too

and kof 2/3 for 5 because i like you :slight_smile:

um and emphy for 2/3 for 5

Aw, all these $5s

Whatever, sure to starboy/epsilon.

Edit: Kofiend, change it to $5? I already accepted 2 other $5s, might as well make it feel equal.

True- for $100?
Epsilon- cause sometimes hes as annoying as true for whatever
emphy- some friendly matches cause your vid was great

yo KOFiend i think i played you at the break. do you use yun SA2 sometimes?

yes i do

i don’t have a 100 to spare evo is makin me broke already how about 20?

I think I’m supposed to have a team money match with True tech and his band of n00bs. Can I get a confirmation?

oh yea g-unit vs hellsap and friends i totally forgot about that

some interesting 3v3s and 5v5s might be on the way…