EVO 2k5 predictions!

My predictions

simply predictions no one get butt hurt…i have a funny feeling japanesse players are going to pull out another evo 2k1 but far worse




lol Kuni owned him !!!

Yeah my thought is you know nothing, please shut it and quit acting like you know.


Personally I think you’re overrating Duc and Soo. I dont believe Spiral can seriously contend this far in(it’d be nice to see though, and Soo said he stopped playing a while ago, I dun think he’ll make it that far. Bottom line, you put SEVEN WC in the top 8, when EC > WC at marvel. Seems kinda suspect…

CvS2 should be interesting to say the least. Justin Wong, Ricky Ortiz and John Choi are the top among the americans. Buktooth and Combofiend have stepped up their game this year. And Ratio1beatdown and Eddie Lee beat Daigo last year with their east coast runaway strategy… can they pull the same magic again this year on other japanese contenders? I hope we see both americans and japanese players at the top 8 finals. Japanese contenders are gonna be Kindevu, Bas, Mago, Tokido.

Japan is very serious about 3S. They brought over a lot more players this time around. And with KO not in attendance, 1st place is up for grabs. I think the only 2 americans in the final 8 will be Jwong and Ortiz. But I really don’t think they’ll place higher than 5th.

MvC2 should be all americans. Jwong, Jmar, Rodolfo, Sanford, Xecutioner, Harry Potter, Randy Lew will make it. Other spots are up for grabs.

ST should be Daigo, Kuni, Ohnuki, Watson, Valle, Choi, Cole. Justin Wong if he really wants it.

my prediction is hella people will get crushed by my beautifully furious assault.

and that I might have to STFU for 2 weeks…=(


kcxj… you just love to stir stuff up.

bwahahahahahahaha, what kind of dumb shit domokun must be…kuni felt like speaking up

:xeye: :rolleyes:

and mago’s “fighting style” is not sloppy at all. just cheap as hell.

yea… that marvel list is pretty fucked…

cvs2 list is pretty fucked too…

peter is not better than ricky.

true dat… and mago is going to win

I predict combo winning cvs2. ESP if he doesn’t have to play ricky/choi early in top 8. I predict he defeats every japanese player he plays against.

I also predict duc on top 8.
Soo top 8
ricky top 8
Ny will have 3-5 ppl in top 8
Depending if seattle comes they might get 1 in top 8.
Cali vs. Ny basically

well N-Ken, that’s understandable. Am I overrating Soo and DUc? Maybe I am. But are you basing this on what you’ve seen or are you basing it on what you’ve heard? Soo came back at one regency tourney back in April and destroyed a lot of So Cals best without having played in forever. That tourney also included potter and reset, who placed top 5 at ECC. Also, let’s take a look at David L last year. The guy played like TWO tournaments in between Evo2k3 and Evo2k4 and he placed second. He was never around and yet we saw what happened. Some guys just have a more natural feel to remember how to play than others.

Also, after seeing how ECC turned out, I’d say EC and WC aren’t that far apart. Hell, 4 out of the top 6 at ECC were WC when just a handful of WC players showed up. Overall, this EC > WC or WC > EC is overhyped retarded bullshit. All the good players can place very high depending on their day and the luck of the draw. And obviously there are a bunch of EC players who can make top 8 (Wiggy, X, Smoothviper, Yipes to name a few). I just don’t know how many of them are comin. Hey, if it makes you feel better, I could put Sanford at #2 since we know he’d probably get top 2 if he came even though he’s probably not comin. I could throw Jmar in there too. I could might as well copy and paste the ECC results. My list is a guess of who i think is placing based on who i know is going, not who’s better than who out of every marvel player in the world. But if at least 4 of NYC’s top players come, I’d say at least two of them will make final 8 (outside of wong). But I’ll revise my list accordingly as i find out how many of them are going

I’m pretty sure Duc can make at least top 10. Though I do see what you’re saying how spiral is a liability. Still, Duc’s been on lately. If he keeps this up, I think he can hold it down at evo.

Of course, I could be wrong. Marvel is random…

Soo might or might not go. Wiggy apparently confirmed to go. New guess list

  1. who the fuck do you think?
  2. Duc if he’s on
  3. David L
  4. Potts
  5. Wiggy
  6. Reset
  7. Chunk
  8. Genghis or Clock

I’m taking Combo out for now because of the good chance he might get a draw where he’ll have two people who are just consistent enough to beat him.

i think mago is going to win cvs2



rest i unno


jeah take me off the list. Im not sure if Im going. Im gonna try to get the days off. even if I do go, I cant win playing on different sticks every match sitting on the floor in a more uncomfortable position than the 69 playing against foos with sticks they practice on everyday. most think its an excuse because they play on console enough, but ones who never EVER play on console or dont even have console might understand. I shouldnt even have gotten 8th last year with the level of garbage I was playing at. I love competition period, and thats why I love this game. but I cant be too competitive with limits.

shout outs to kai and that nigga ruiN.

Which EC marvel players are going?

i see duc busting out with a big studiotraffic.com pitch.

call it what you want but after watching SBO2 CvS2 grand finals :wow:

he totally destroyed all the A-groove peeps :tup:

yup after i called it everyone sees that mago is taking cvs2 … so why hasnt anyone said MITSU is going to take marvel this year justin wong is only human and sanford has been chewing on his tail for a while with that in mind I think marvel can be brought to new level…mitsu might just do it.

cuz apparently from chat logs, Justin was owning Mitsu badly when he went to japan.