EVO 2K5 Predictions

Here are my predictions for every game (cvs2 first more games to come later), feel free to include arguements and reasons for your picks. To all the top players: No disrespect to anyone these are mock results!!!


  1. Kindevu A-are A(sakura/bison/blanka2)

  2. Bas-D44 D-are A(vega/bison/blanka2) will switch out vega for sakura/honda depending on situation

  3. Ricky A(vega/sakura/blanka2) took sakura out for cammy during TS5

  4. Mago C(honda/vega/blanka2) might switch vega out for sagat

  5. Ohnuki N(akuma/chun-li/sagat2)

  6. Tokido A(vega/bison/blanka2) might go back to old school N groove team if things get desperate?

  7. Dan C(ryu/ken/sagat2) Known to have switched out ryu for guile on occasion

  8. Buktooth N(iori/morrigan/hibiki2) will switch out morrigan for chun-li depending on match up

  9. Although I don’t think Kindevu is the best player on the list he is the most consistant and definitely keeps his cool under pressure, he’s shown that at EVO2k4 and TS5 (singles and team) by going undeafeated, he is my #1 pick

  10. BAS getting 2nd is a stretch due to his history in tournaments. He is without a doubt the most skillfull player and flashiest when he’s on point. Can he finally stand up to pressure this year? We’ll see!

  11. Ricky’s vega is unmatched anywhere else, only thing standing in his way are other top japanese A-are players.

  12. I personally think that Mago downgraded his team by switching out sagat for vega. Honda will have a hard time this year now that vega is THE character to play in A groove.
    tied 5) Ohnuki plays this game the way everyone wants to play street fighter in general (RTSD) But his N groove team will run into problems against a good A-groove team. Akuma is the wildcard on the team, if akuma does well he could go even further then 5th place. Chun-li and sagat will take care of business as usual.
    tied 5) The evo 2k2 champ and sbo1 champ, Tokido would be my favorite if he played his N groove team. Without a doubt the best N blanka, paired with a ratio 2 = unstoppable. Actually untouchable since he turtles.
    tied 7) The king of mid-tiers moves up!!! Morrigan does well against players that doesn’t know how to fight it. Will have a very hard time against veteran players. Switching morrigan out for chun-li will give buktooth a more solid arsenal as opposed to characters relying on tricks.
    tied 7) I don’t even know how dan can kick so much ass with the mid-tier team that he plays in C. He plays the team to perfection but the limitations in character choice will keep him from going deep into final 8.

Other mentions:

John Choi, Combofiend, Daigo.

1)Daigo (ken)
2)Ohnuki (chun-li)
3)MOV (chun-li)
4)Justin (chun-li)
5)Mester (yun)
5)Raoh (chun-li)
7)Hsien (ken)
7)Kokujin (dudley)

  1. 3S is hard as hell to predict but if KO doesn’t come Daigo will win it for sure. Finals for the past two years were close and daigo could have won both of them if it wasn’t for the 3/5 set format.
  2. Co SBO3 champion Ohnuki’s chun li is packed with some serious rush down power, finals will be fun to watch.
  3. MOV, I’ve never seen this guy in action but if he’s as good as kuni says he is he will go far in final 8. Quote from kuni ** watchout this guy!! he’s the only one who defeated Daigo in SBO3 as well as OCVed all other matches. **
  4. After the disappointing loss to daigo last year justin would seek to do better then his 3rd place finish at evo 2k4, it will be hard to get further then 3rd or 4th but hey it’s justin.
  5. Top 5 yun in japan. Lost to watson last year 1 round before final 8 will be motivated to make final 8 this year.
  6. Member of SBO2 championship team. Had problems playing on supergun last year against justin would he fare better on console this year? Maybe not.
  7. The most consistant american player since the debut of 3S in NA. Will he play akuma against other japanese players?
  8. 2nd place SBO3 Kokujin has shown that he can go deep in tournaments. Of course it makes it a lot easier with KO on your team. With 3S swarmed with talents this year making final 8 would be an accomplishment in itself.

Other mentions:

If these guys show up: KO (without question top2), Pyrolee, Franki 3S
Barely miss final 8: Mopreme (fresh from japan), Vic Vance, Ricky, KSK, Tokido, Nitto.

As I said 3S Final 8 would be hard as hell. Anyone mentioned on this list could crack final 8.

Here are my predictions


1st: Kindebu
2nd: Ricky (Something tells me he will win CvS2…we’ll have to see tho)
3rd: Mago
4th: Ohnuki
5th: BAS
6th: Tokido
7th: Buktooth
8th: Dan?

BTW why are some teams refered to as “A-are” or “D-are”? Who came up with that and what does it mean?

i agree.

my top 5 for 3s is

justin and kokujin can be interchangeable with daigo not coming though i say nitto or nuki takes evo and having seen nitto beat nuki befor i just went with him for first

Daigo isnt coming now?

nope read kuni’s post in jap players attending

Basically refers to the best A-Groove team in Japan, which is A-Sakura, Vega, Blanka. the are means “that”. So basically A-are is “that” A-Groove team.


what? :pleased:

Tokido is going to win CvS2. Count on it. =D

predictions are hard this year beacuse there are ALOT of really good japanese players coming this year. Here it goes.

  1. Nuki

  2. Kindevu

  3. Ricky

  4. Mago

  5. Choi

  6. OTK

  7. Bas

  8. Shiro/Dan

  9. this is easy why im putting this here, he beat kindevu at sbo 2 and im sure he can beat anyone else assuming he never has a bad set (which is entirely possible) so the chances of him getting first are slim, i just dont wanna count it out. nuki’s placing is pretty random so im just gambling

  10. kindevu could beat nuki because he has gotten infinitely better since they played in sbo. I just dont want an a-groover to get first =P

  11. meow, kitty got game.

  12. Mago not as much

  13. Choi is a monster and id love to see him win, i just dont know if he can crack all a groove turtles

  14. OTK is also a monster and i would like to see him win as well but i just dont see it happening.

  15. GO BAS!! the origional A-man wont get top marks but he should crack top 8

  16. one of the 2 will make top 8. Id really like to see shiro just mess shit up with his sick team, but who knows with all the good players this year. Dan is good against the american turtlers, but i think he will end up losing early on to guys who place really high.

  17. Combofiend, I think that maybe the japanese may have gotten smart to his setups but if not he could go farther than 9th

  18. Buktooth, i guess he loses to bas all the time, but i think he can beat the rest of the unmentioned japanese players (tokido, nitto, etc)

I dont have tokido on here because i dont think that he is up to par. i havent heard of him playing in years.

I don’t see how you guys are leaving 5star and victoly out of your 3s lists.

KOK isnt coming ??
My money’s on KOK cuz he is cleary the most gangsta cvs2 playa ever ever[/fanboyism] :nunchuck:

Otherwise Kindevu or Bas winnin cvs2.I also think both buktoof and combofiend will place high.

Combofiend beat both Justin and Ricky at ECCX and destroyed BAS at TS5 and no one wants to pu thim in top 8 even for CvS2? Who wants to bet money he makes it to top 8?

Chaotic Blue

because its vegas, ill take that shit $5

I’ll bet $20 on that.

accepted from marneto and dentron.

Chaotic Blue

combo better take it

If you want more, I got $20 says combofiend don’t make top 8 at cvs2.

Trust me he WILL go top 8.Sometimes he chokes BUT he will figure something out.Only thing I dont get is his A-rock.I mean he can switch him for Bison or Blanka and have a better team(A-rock is whack imo…why him when you can just play other top tier characters).

we’ll just have to wait and see !

I’ll bet $20 with you too that he doesn’t make top8.