EVO 2K5 Predictions

Look,we are talking about the one that smoked everyone at ECC.Only way he would be eliminated before making top 8 is if he plays some random otaku A-groovers(bas,KOK or someone equally as good).Otherwise I dont see anyone else stopping him(cough except buktoof cough)

ok, then $20?

My cvs2 picks…

1st - 5th JAPANESE
6th Combofeind
8th Choi

134th Me

Hey, I’m not knocking Combofiends skill, he’s got it in aces. I just think with the competition that will be there, odds are he wont make top 8. If you’ve got the faith, bet it.

pm me with your real names and stuff cause ima come lookin for my money, Combofiend just got finished beating justin and ricky uyet you guys put them up there and not him. easy money… And omg, he beat BAS really bad, omg wern’t you there marneto? nm, easy money, easy money.

Chaotic Blue

i got 10 dollars on peter making top 10 at the very least.

I put 20$ saying that combofiend doesn’t make top 8 not because I don’t think he’s good but because way too many CVS2 specialists from japan are coming.

You know, now that I look at it those are alot of Japanese specialist for CvS2. So I’ma add this stipulation, the bet is nullified if the top eight are purely japanese. Otherwise bets on.

Chaotic Blue

I got Chaotic for $20, so Ill have to withdraw my offer SNAAKE. $20 is all Im riskin on this.

Ricky let justin win to see if he could beat combofiend, combo never beat ricky. Ricky owns him for free but combo owed justin thats for sure but ricky wanted to give justin another chance.

fine then lets add the stipulation that if an american makes it in the top 8 that isnt combofiend you give me 3 to 1 odds.

At ECC, combofiend beat sent both Ricky and Justin to Loser’s final. Then Ricky let Justin win cause justin wanted to play against combofiend again. Combofiend beat justin the 2nd time they played. Combofiend beat ricky at this tourney.

But at the recent SVGL tourney, Ricky took 1st place, beating Combofiend who lost to both Ricky and John Choi.

Did Choi and Ricky even play each other seriously in that tourny?

i want the same shit. cause we already had a fucking deal of him making top8 thanks cb :[

wow when did this become the combofiend thread

anyway, you guys are hella sleeping on nitto. he’s really good, top 3 out of all the japanese cvs2 players coming imo. i also just found out that he just won a huge cvs2 tourney in japan with pretty much every major japanese cvs2 player present. (and then right after that, went to game newton and won the 3s tourney there)

daigo aint commin…

all capcom will be japs, t5 goes to korea, mvc2=mr.wong, maybe st to usa (maybe…)
hope usa shines at the 5 on 5…

You guys can’t tell me what to do with my money, I’m risking almost 100 bucks now to you guys little 20’s and 10’s. If you don’t like my “stipulations” then don’t bet.

Chaotic Blue

Easy Money Easy Money? ajajaja… It was easy money for us who bet you… But hey! You’re backing out! Oh wells… Everyone knows he aint making top8… You’re starting to realize it too. Flakerrr!

I don’t have to explain myself to you. I’ll still accept the bets especially from the people who pm’d me. I’m not worried about losing money to you, because if by some miricle Combofiend doesn’t make it to top 8 then you’ll just get your money back from the money match i’m gonna take from you.

kids these days.

Chaotic Blue

nitto was the player i wanted to play the most HANDS DOWN. people better be taping hella footage of his K-geese.

no evo this year for me:sad: