Evo 2k5

I have the DVDs of Evo 2k4, 2k6, 2k7, and 2k8. Was there a DVD release of Evo 2k5? I remember hearing something a while back about them being torrent downloads but I was curious if they eventually released official DVDs for that year.

no official release. gotta find it on torrents somewhere(if they are still alive). or maybe ask around on here if anyone got the iso.

I’ll tell you what we tell everyone: Get premium. It helps to find the torrents.

That’s a torrent? :wtf:

But yes, the magic answer to your questions is there were ISOs that year, no physical DVDs. And Go Premium.

Err sorry, torrent might not have been the proper term>.> But same thing.

Your telling me if i go premium on srk I can get 2k6 torrents? I am willing to pay $20 if someone can help me obtain 2k6 via anything. I really want them so if someone can please consider.

step 1: click
step 2: click
step 3: ?!?
step 4: :encore:

That’s ok. I’m not spending money on a premium account. I see no reason to purchase one.


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premium is the way to go. if you pay 3 bones then you get all the evo you want

Anyone else have a clue what is meant by this?