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GG#R 3on3 instead of singles?

why not both? I’m not in favor of 3on3’s replacing singles. To date i haven’t seen team SF as being much more than a practice singles tournament, simply broken into 3’s so you get done quicker. This isn’t to say it’s not fun on it’s own, but i haven’t seen anything to suggest it’s on the same level as 1on1 SF.

If they are gonna have both they should make the team tourney for ggxx official like mvc2 and cvs2. The GG#R team tourney was crap this year becuase it wasnt official

if they have both fine thats cool but if there can only be one offical GG tourney I for one choose teams

If i’m correct, all the team tournies didn’t finish… I think making things unofficial has advantages… maybe unofficially run but with ‘official’ finals (official meaning it gets the big screen). Maybe invitational? not sure what the best way to go on that is.

The GGXX#R tournament was crap because, from what I heard, it was poorly run. Being official only means you have the support of the SRK staff. Now, seeing as the team tournaments for the other games ended up getting cancelled… I don’t see how being ‘official’ helps.

Anyway, singles is better because you get to play 2 out of 3. And you get to change characters. It sucks going one-and-done and heading off to losers. I think team tournaments are preferable for the Japanese players because they’re used to playing best-of-one single elimination style anyway.

yeah flash they cancelled the team tournys cause you were playing poker. you are your own fault.

STFU that wasnt my fault

Why have 3 on 3 if people don’t all have teams.

Add in the fact that some players don’t want to team with 2 other random guys. But then again, if there were only 1 Jap for #r next year (on OLO EXBLOCK) everyone would be rushing to sign said player to their team. And that just wouldn’t be fair. ;]

I think it should be singles.

I think it should only be singles for reasons already listed, but a 3on3 team invitational would be nice.

fuck it. let’s be as japanese as possible.

3on3. fuck 1on1.

If we do have singles as the main instead of 3on3 I believe the game should be single elimination and 1 match only. It forces players to play more solid and less random…Japanese use this format for a reason I believe we should use it too

And if you cant do both do double elimination 1 match

I believe that is the opposite, if you have a lot of players playing in a lot of tournaments, single game single elim is a nessecity. It randomnizes the results enough to let everyone know they have a chance, so your large number of casual players keep playing in every weekly. Strange that you would say it makes things less random.

I believe the US format is better suited for championships than japans. Japans format is better for more localized events when you pretty much know your opponents inside and out and just need to see who’s better for today.

but also, people like double elimination because they get one more game.

american players like to get their money’s worth, it seems.

I favored the 3 on 3 cause it’s far more fun than singles, but of course it doesn’t showcase how good a player is too. Seeing you can have 1 great player with 2 bad players and if that 1 player can just run over teams by himself, and give those 2 others the win, then it doesn’t really do them justice, or if 3 great players are there and they lose for some apparent reason, that also doesn’t give them justice. IMO it would be nice to be included, but don’t eliminate the singles. Let it be both, if not, then just let it be singles since if it’s a 3 on 3, I don’t think a lot will be happy with how the teams will be (ID, CB, ruiN- or Daigo, kaqn, Yukinose or something like that). But I still would like to see a “Evo” 3 on 3 #reload tourney and not an invitational (seeing they won’t know who to invite at all).